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Working with young adults – those in the workplace, students, apprentices – along with educational bodies and many local businesses, conversations during this last year have often fallen to the topic of mental health. The changes to our lifestyle, put upon us by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, have affected each of us in some way and here at MyNeedToLive, we have had a unique insight into the day-to-day and long-term struggles and adjustments many of you are faced with and how they influence your mental state.

Having listened to you, we got to thinking, “how can we help?”

And this is why we teamed up with a leading psychiatrist, Dr Rosie, to create a digital wellness package aimed at addressing the problems we know many of you are experiencing at work, home and play.

Work, Home, Play – Science-Backed Ways to Help You Feel Better Every Day

During the coldest, darkest months, we worked with Dr Rosie via virtual meetings and shared documents to create a mental health ‘tool’ with the objective that it should be easily accessible and above all, actionable. It was important to all of us that whatever we chose to create would motivate the people using it to take the actions that will help them.

The end result is a digital wellness package that we are (trumpet blowing) really rather proud of because we truly believe that it will provide people with realistic ways to meet challenges more effectively, respond more productively to strong emotions and ultimately, feel better every day.

The digital platform we chose, means that with one login, you and your team gain access to 3 coaching videos and complimentary cheat-sheets, audio guides and other resources that can be dipped in and out of when needed most.

Have you ever wondered why it feels like your mind and body are working against you sometimes?

In the coaching video’s Dr Rosie explains emotions in a way that we can all understand, the science behind why we feel the way we do sometimes (it may not be what you think!) and invites you to explore some of the most common challenging experiences at Work, Home and Play – providing real-life, relatable examples.

There are 9 actionable exercises and tools, many of which can be done any time, anywhere and in just a few minutes. And these fall into a simple process to get you from the point of feeling stress, anger or anxiety to being able to calmly problem solve and move forward.

What have people said about Work, Home, Play?

We asked a number of people from all walks of life, including other Psychiatrists, Business Leaders and young people in the workplace, to take a look at the videos and resources and give their honest feedback.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the comments we received were that it makes them feel OK about feeling strong emotions when they arise because they have learned just how normal and natural these emotions are, in a way that they had never considered before. And that they have tried the resources with great success, feeling calmer and more productive almost immediately.

Dr Dimitrios Tsiakiris, Consultant Psychiatrist, working for Livewell Southwest, who we’d like to publicly thank for being an incredibly positive influence during the initial exploration of what we could do to help people said:

“I had a look at the site and saw the resources, as well as the videos and I, think that it is an excellent piece of work! I particularly liked the way that Rosie reframes in a positive way all symptoms and explains the rationale behind our emotions in a simple way. Very well done!”

A massive thank you to Dr Rosie and all involved in the creation of this digital wellness package. Our genuine hope is that it can help as many people as possible through these strange, challenging and ever-changing times.

And so, for every subscriber that signs their business to the program, we will gift the same licence to a school, health centre or charitable organisation of their choice, therefore, ensuring we are creating a Mental Health program that is accessible to all.

We encourage you to take a look and see for yourself how it may help your staff, your team and your business.

Try the 7-day free trial here.

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