Why starting a blog in college can help your mental health


Jessica Lyles

26 June 2021 0 comments

There are a few reasons why you should start a mental health blog in college that you should know! I am sure by now you have read a blog that solved a problem for you or informed you of a topic you have little knowledge of. 

If you believe you haven’t…well try again. You’re reading one now! There are endless ways to receive information and blogging is one of them! 

I can understand how overwhelming college can be at times, and I think that is why it is important that this information comes from me! I did not start my blog when I was in college (undergrad or grad) though I should have. 

How to start a mental health blog

The benefits I now see to having a blog outweigh any barriers I originally foresaw. It has honed in on my writing skills and my communication skills. I have seen a benefit to my mental health as well and you cannot beat how easy it is to create one.


Reasons you should create a mental health blog in college:

It’s Easy

There is a common misconception that starting a blog is difficult however it can be easier than writing a 10 page paper in your English Lit class. I was able to Google information regarding other mental health blogs and then went to Pinterest to solidify my decision. 


When I decided to create a mental health blog it was as simple as finding a hosting site, developing a name and writing quality content. The more I researched and connected with others within the niche, the more I loved it. 


I even created a Mental Health Blogger Guide for beginners that you could benefit from if you’re interested. I go over the basics of creating a blog without overwhelming you with fancy and technical lingo.


It Will Improve Your Writing Skills

As a therapist anything that improves my writing skills has a benefit. Daily, I write notes following sessions and write summaries for insurance purposes. I noticed that when I began writing for my blog, my typing speed increased, my grammar has improved and I learned multiple ways of stating the same thing. 

This could be quite beneficial in college as you write in almost every class! Anytime you could save when writing papers allows you the availability to study in other subjects, participate in extracurricular activities or do something fun.


It Will Improve Your Communication Skills

Of course, with improvements in your writing skills, improvements occur within your communication with others. Throughout your research you will find the importance of communication and managing one’s mental health that will change the way you speak about mental health.  

You will also learn new words, meanings and how to effectively discuss important topics with others. This could be very beneficial when giving presentations for college, as you will not only “sound” more educated but “be” educated. 


It Will Help Your Mental Health 

As you research you will find information about mental health disorders and their effects on individuals functioning throughout their lifespan. What you may not count on, is the realization that you yourself may have a disorder or suffer from similar symptoms. 

The research will also allow you to find new ways of coping with your symptoms such as different mindfulness techniques or breathing exercises. I have learned so much about neuroscience, coping skills and the importance of social support. The information you will obtain will be invaluable as you will begin to implement coping skills yourself and blog about how it has worked for you!



I hope this gives you some guidance as to the importance of starting a mental health blog in college and encourages you to join us advocates in the cyber world! If you need insight reach out I am always available!


Jess is the author and creator of Just Call Me Jess, a blog that focuses on Mood Disorders and Mindfulness. Interested in more of her work? Check out her site and social media accounts!

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