Why Stress, Why Worry?

Laithen Hughes

In life, we have those select few moments we remember, where our thoughts controlled us. In situations where we look back now and think why? Well, why isn’t it such a bad thing to ask! Why is the basic route of all curiosity, all questions and problems why is the base. So why worry about those things we shouldn’t? Well, I can’t give you a definite answer, but what I can do is give you some tips on how to overcome and defeat those small worries that bring stress!

Tip 1: The 1-month rule.

If it’s not going to mean much in a month or less, then is it worth causing so much worry and stress for such a small portion of your life! I mean, hear me out, if you have a test coming up why stress? BE CONFIDENT! YOU’RE YOU!! You got this! As long as you take the time to study, not playing on phones study, I really mean study. You can pass that test. Like I said it’s just an example, but it’s something that if you look at it from a different perspective it makes things less stressful.

Tip 2: Oops doesn’t always mean trouble.

Are you worried about something you did, like maybe you messed up at your job and you don’t know what to do? Or maybe, you lied to your teacher about doing your project, but it’s still disassembled on your kitchen counter. These are things that are oopsies, but don’t always bring trouble. Don’t stress about getting caught, don’t stress about what they might think of you, or don’t stress about trying to cover it up. Try honesty, try explaining, try every way that you can to own up to whatever the mistake may be. But own up to it, because I promise all that worry and stress is going to build and build until the inevitable happens. Whatever the case may be, if you get into the habit of owning up, IT WILL COME NATURAL!

Tip 3: Positivity is KEY!

Have you ever heard the saying “ No worries, No problems “ yeah that’s garbage don’t listen to that? You’re gonna have problems wherever you go, but why worry!!! Find the positive in things. If you failed a class and have to re-take it, hey at least you get it re-take it. Some people don’t have that option. Maybe you lost your lucky keychain and can’t find it, well try looking at it as a fresh start without having to rely on the luck of your keychain! Basically what I’m saying is life is only what you make it. No one has zero problems and no one has zero worries. But we can harness our emotions and put that energy into adapting to a new way of thinking about the perspective on life!

Thank you all for checking into my first post! I am so excited to be apart of such an amazing team and super happy that I can build my legacy starting with you 🙂


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