Why is Making Friends at College Or University Vital?



26 March 2019 0 comments

Many people say that it is better to judge someone’s character and the way they are as a person on the basis of the friends that they choose to keep rather than the family that they are born with. The reasoning behind this view has simplicity itself at its very core – you cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Therefore, whilst those with whom you choose to associate as friends may still be influenced in some way by your upbringing, ultimately the choice is yours so there is often a need to choose wisely and never is this more true at college or university.

Of course I am not saying that you should not be friends with whomsoever you like – after all opposites very often do attract with friends in very much the same way as they do with romantic relationships – but those of you with a focus on achieving results for furthering your career aspirations should think carefully about who you make friends with.

With this in mind, I would advise you to look to be yourself as much as possible (people will like you for who you are otherwise they are just not worth knowing – hard but true so do not worry!) and bring out your personality by following the steps given below –

(a) You should look to be loquacious, gregarious, chatty, talkative, friendly, outgoing, amiable, congenial, neighborly, sociable, approachable, easygoing and otherwise chummy. 
(b) Introduce yourself to your class and/or your dormitory where you are staying on campus. 
(c) Show up early for orientation. 
(d) Make sure that you attend parties, sports events and special gatherings where people socialise. 
(e) Remain open to new cultures, ideas and values. 
(f) Do not be afraid to talk to mature students as you can help them as much as they can help you. 
(g) Invite people to join you for a bite to eat and/or a drink. 
(h) If you drive a car offer to give people a ride somewhere that you are also going. 
(i) Look to study in groups as this will help with the sharing of ideas. 
(j) Reach out to other students when they need help – it will be remembered. 
(k) Join a student group or sports team that interests you.

By doing partaking in each of these steps this should mean that you will be able to meet many people with a variety of interests that may be similar and also different to your own since variety is very much the spice of life in your studies to make your time at college and/or university much more fulfilling. This is very important because this will mean that you will always have someone to chat to about different issues and share in your interests along with the resolution of your problems.

If you actively involve yourself with people then, when you suffer problems in both your studies and personal life, they may be willing to help you by – for example – getting you notes and helping you to catch up with anything that you have missed.

Therefore, by looking to allign yourself with a wide variety of people you will then be better prepared for the work that you need to do along with the other resources you find useful including ‘The Secret Guide to Academic Writing & Study’ via [http://www.academicfx.co.uk] that provides many practial examples and walkthroughs as well as further ideas for developing your studies.

Contact me now at [email protected] for further assistance in this and other areas where you are having any problems in your education or general life on campus and I will be only to happy to offer you assistance wherever I can in helping you to further your studies as I also tutor and mentor many students at all levels in many subjects each and every year.

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