Why Hate is Not The Answer, We Can Do Better!


Joseph Meyer

13 April 2021 0 comments

Living in the United States we have seen the rise of Hate that I have never seen before, but in all honestly maybe I never noticed or paid attention. I am paying attention now as in recent weeks and months we have seen Riots, Protests, Killings on top of the pandemic that has taken over our world.

Having a real discussion about the important of race and hate is something we should all sit down and talk about although it can be uncomfortable as many are afraid of saying something insensitive or wrong. We should all be free to not be afraid to speak about such an important issue even if doesn’t directly apply to you or your life, but really applies to all of our lives and our culture.

Hate and racism I know I very sensitive topics for any culture and much of what you read are my personal observations, so my intention is not to offend. Racism and Hate will never solve anything in our world as we all try to grapple with trying to show respect for one another and hopefully even love one another, but it seems that is to much to ask, but I am hopeful.

I often wonder when Hate will just disappear from our culture, but I feel that many times those who continue to hate and treat others horrendously are taught that from a young age and no one truly ever corrected that person. From a perspective as an instructor I often team that our belief systems start from a very young age usually from our Parents, teachers, religious leaders and anyone of influence who is in our life.

I will start with parents as most of us parents are the first introductions to anything and everything in this world. As a parent myself we have the ability to teach our children right and wrong and that includes how we treat others. I will not pretend to be a perfect parent as I am not, but I am smart enough to know if I teach my daughter to hate others and Not accept others as they are then in her life she will most likely hate and treat others as if they are inferior.

Raising kids is not easy and really in many cases we have a lot of influences to raises our kids like grandparents, who have a strong influence just like a parent. Parents who teach their kids hate often fail to understand that once the seeds of hate have been planted a significantly damaged tree will grow. Teaching a child how to hate is teaching a child to be a negative person in general and from there they will turn into a negative hate fill adult.

I understand that those who hate to feel they are justified in their hate blaming others the problems of the world or their own problems. I personally see a lot of hate for minorities, although I am American, I have Hispanic ancestry and my wife is from Central America.   My wife from her account has been spoken down to, treated as an outsider and has even been told she doesn’t belong here as she is also now an American citizen.

Hate and racism is nothing new to our world and in the United States as we continue to struggle with it and other countries are not immune to it either. One of the main proponents of hate I believe is those who don’t condone hate like many of country leaders where the dismissal of horrible acts like shootings are not given enough attention and those who we lose to hate are forgotten all too quickly.

So what can we do to stop hate in America and the world? Well that is not an easy thing but here are some ways it could help.

  1. Everyone Hands On

When everyone including ourselves and our political leaders, religious leaders, parents, grandparents get involved to growing each day to love an respect one another a little more. Start with educating ourselves on why hate is so harmful to ourselves and our world may be , just may be we can start to change for the better.

  1. Teach Kids From The Start

Although we can never tell a parent how t raise their kids, but make a real effort to condone hate from a young age. To do that we need to try to correct that behavior early and the best place could be in school, but it could be difficult.

  1. Teach about the history of Hate

This should be a requirement in our education and to be honest I don’t remember if I really learned about the history of hate and racism, something we should all see and learn about.

  1. Remember Those Who Lost Their Lives To Hate

One person that brings to mind aside from all those in our lifetime who has lost life to hate includes the great Martin Luther King Jr. A man who only wanted to see the world without hate with a message of love and togetherness but although he was assassinated his words and message never died to this day. Others out there who have died horrific deaths at the hands of hate still have a message of love and respect today we just need to learn from them.

  1. Turn off the Tube

Although television is not the main proponent of hate it is one of the medias next to social media that tends to spread a lot of hate especially from those who the world respects. Put down the phone, turn off the TV and walk away.  Although this will not stop hate it will allow each of us to focus on the positive in life.

Let’s remember we are in this TOGETHER!

For those who read this I understand that hate and racism is a topic that many feel very passionately about and some will even say I know nothing about what real hate is and may be that is true. I have never had any thing violent happen to me as a result of my race and or ethnicity. But in my lifetime I have dealt with prejudice which may have resulted in me losing out to opportunities in my professional career something no one wishes to experience. Others I see in our world continue to suffer horribly with hate everyday something we must continue to bring light to and end it.

I may be idealistic in my hope to end Hate and Racism in my country and others, but I can be possible if we all do our part. I know that there are others who want to practice hate and make others feel inferior, since the age of Social Media we see it every day as we are no longer afraid to record who practice it and show it to the world. Lets continue to do better as we work to eradicate hate in our countries and world making our world a better place for all.

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