Top movies to see in 2021

Paul Good

This year has been a strange year, and I am looking forward to a little normality for 2021. If you like films as much as me, you probably miss the cinema, so I have created the top 4 films trailers of movies for 2021.

The Batman.

I have always enjoyed the Batman films (We don’t talk about Batman Forever and Batman and Robin). From the Dark Knight series to the Micheal Keaton films, I even enjoy the Adam West series and film. Each adding their touch to the tale.
The Batman looks like a great film, set with a darker tone, we see a younger Bruce Wayne wear the mask.

IT: Chapter 3

I enjoyed IT: Chapter 1, was a great retelling of a Stephen King book, Chapter 2 however I found a little dull and didn’t think it compared to the original. Chapter 3 looks like it is following the same approach as the first, full of jump scares and creepy scene’s which is all we can ask for from a great Stephen King Book.

Venom 2: Let there be carnage

I was unsure about Venom when it came out, a lot of mixed reviews which made me not see it at the cinema. I caught it later on DVD and enjoyed the film. It was funny, entertaining and plenty of action. Hopefully, the sequel will continue to follow suit.

Jurassic Park 3: Domination

I love the Jurassic Park films, from the originals to the remakes/sequels. The new films add a lot of humour to the franchise and some breathtaking scenery, especially the last film, with the dinosaurs trying the escape the burning island. Hopefully, Jurassic Park 3 will live up to the rest of the franchise and not have a talking raptor saying Allen like the original 3rd film. (*Youtube it, it is strange)

What films are you looking forward too in 2021? What did you think of a new Batman film? Are there too many sequels?

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