Tis the Season to Be More Kind


Joseph Meyer

19 December 2020 0 comments

Tis the season to merry as we all attempt to enjoy one of the strangest and hardest years known to many of us. Whether you live in the United States or across the pond we are all suffering together with COVID, high unemployment and many are going hungry and on the verge of homelessness. It is not my intention add to the stress of what we already know but during this time if there was one thing,

we could all use a little of is kindness. Now you may say I always hear this be kind, be more kind and this message is so true because we must as we as society are in this together. It is my hope that we will all move past this bad memory, but let’s not forget those whose lives were taken.

Living in the United States there is definitely a culture war that is taking place

of those who believe that COVID is not a threat that we can go on business as usual. I am not here to tell you what to believe, but to only be more sensitive to those who really are hurting during this time.

I often think of this time last year when I was unemployed and it was one of the scariest times I could remember as I had little money, a family to support and not a lot of interviews suffice to say I would get a job early in 2020.

Many who are out of work through no fault of their own are now struggling to say afloat unable to see any light at the end of tunnel due to COVID, but I will say its almost here, but hard to say when our economies will rebound and jobs start coming back.

I will say have hope, think positive and remember what is important during this time and remember that this time will pass, those who are jobless will get a job, those who are ill will get better and life will move forward once again.

I know its easy to say this I may not be unemployed right now. Right now, its my observation that people are angry, tired and want this nightmare to be over. In the meantime, let’s all be kinder to those in our life, when we go out lets try to smile more and spread some happiness to others making the place a better place.

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I certainty know that this will not be easy but I fail to see what is the point to being angry, mean and ungrateful would do you gain from that kind of attitude? Yes, I know the holidays are here, with little or no money, loss of job how can one celebrate at this time.

Strangely enough I have always found movies to be my escape and a good book. But in the case of movie, I tend to watch movies made at times when times were surprisingly difficult especially during times of war.

I personally love It’s a wonderful Life, the classic Jimmy Stewart film that even today holds true to principles we should all be taking stock of. I particularly love how Jimmy Stewarts character couldn’t always see what he had right in front of him until the angel Clarence came along showing him what life would be like without him. I think if we could all see a picture of the past, present and future without us it in when many of think like would be better without us in it forgetting all the blessing we have in our life despite our hardships.

The other holiday favorite is A Christmas Carol and although there are many versions, I absolute favorite is the 1950’s version with Alastair sims as Scrooge. This story written by Charles Dickens stills holds true today once again allowing scrooge to see his past, present and future through Ghosts finally allowing Scrooge to see his ways and change for the good.

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We can all learn from these books and films on how to be better people, putting away social media and the news can greatly improve our lives. You may be thinking what social media and the news has to do with anything well its my impression that those two forms of entertainment actually lead to more angry and bitterness in our lives but hope that may see our reliance of those things can actually hurt us, which has been my observation.

For those who have read my blogs you can probably tell I love films and books which allow me to escape and during this time there is a lot of Christmas cheer in movies from Elf, Santa Clause, Gremlins, Home Alone and so many other favorites all meant to teach us some reason while experiencing the joys of the holidays. Let’s all try to take a page of those movies and books and change during this time to be happier people, spreading that joy and cheer to others.

For many of you reading this I hope you see my message of encouragement. I am truly thankful that I get to share with you my thoughts each month and wishing everyone a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and whatever you celebrate tis the season to be merry and joyful and a happy new year on the way.

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