A Vegetarian Student Guide

Lorna Davey

Rule number one: Ignore anyone who says being a vegetarian is more expensive than eating meat. As a former student, I know that being vegetarian was one of my financial concerns upon moving out by myself. I soon learnt that it wasn’t the vegetarian substitutes that were racking up my […]

Great Places to Eat in Plymouth

Mark Lucking

Welcome to Plymouth Freshers, this is ultimate guide on great places to eat in Plymouth. No matter what mood for food you are in, we have you covered with the great taste of local. Air – Skoff 3 Sherwell Lane, Plymouth PL4 8LH Located opposite Gilwell Halls of Residence, Scoff […]

Emetophobia and My Relationship with Food

Warning: You may find this post triggering if you suffer with emetophobia.  I have emetophobia. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s the fear of vomiting and seeing others be sick. Now, before I hear you cry “but no one likes being sick!” let me inform you that it’s […]

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