Success must be earned


Caterina Borsan

11 June 2019 0 comments

A goal. An aspiration. A dream.

We all want the same thing. We want to be successful in life. We want to get famous or we want to achieve a certain goal by a set date. It is normal and we all want it. Some more than others. When we want something, we need to plan it. Let’s take the example of setting a goal to achieve good grades. Plan it. What are your strategies? How do you plan to get your grade, be it an A* or simply a C? Is it going to take a lot of work or are you already on your way to achieving it. Will you need to clear your schedule so that you have more study time? Do you need extra help? Is it only one subject or one topic?

It is most certainly not easy. I will wholeheartedly admit that. I have been there. I struggled for the past two years with a favourite subject. History. I was a B student and then it came to my GCSE’s. If you do not know what these are, they are official exams usually taken at the end of one term or in June before school finishes. At the end of the two year period, you receive all grades with certificates, awards etc. As mentioned, I struggled. What did I do? I worked every muscle in my body. Every brain cell that I had, went towards trying my best to at least grab a C. Why only a C? The answer is because through everything I gave, I still only managed a C in my mock exams. Despite this, I am an A* student in both Business and IT. Take my example and my situation as a lesson.

Know that it may not matter how hard you work, you may still not get what you want or where you want. What matters is; do you have what it takes? Are you determined to make sacrifices such as giving up your free time? Are you willing to take supplementary study hours?

If so, prove yourself. Keep working and do not give up. It will be tempting. Do not do it. You will build to the point that you get tired and that’s okay. We all have bad days and we need to make them better. Improve. Look for the problem. Find a new solution. What works for someone else may not work for you. You might find that a different math solution is much easier for you to remember. You must also know that through giving up, you will not get where or what you want. Ask for help. Study that extra 30 minutes or 1 hour if you can. Constantly look for new solutions to problems so that you can always be 10 steps ahead. Before you know it, time has been and gone and you have earned your grade. Achieved a goal and are likely to have the motivation for a new journey.

Success is not handed to you on a golden plate. Regardless of how much money you have. You cannot buy happiness. It is also not easy to achieve. No one said it was going to be easy reaching the top or for that matter, staying at the top. Be it, a target or a goal. This can most definitely be applied to any life situation; an interview, a show, a grade, a milestone, a marathon. Plan. Prove your worth by showing everyone how hard you work. Be ahead of the game. NEVER give up. Most importantly, earn your success and own it!

You can do it. You just have to believe and see that you already have, then you will be 100 steps ahead.

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