Why you should study abroad – my personal journey

Tomas Oskera

My unexpected journey

The idea came to my head a long time ago when I was still a student at a High School. I thought that it will be easy for me. My English is fine and all I wanted was to get out of my hometown, which is in the Czech Republic.

So the day came, and suddenly I was standing in the middle of an airport in Prague with my mom and my girlfriend. I was feeling good and excited until the moment when I had to leave them. They both started crying and I realized that I will not see them for half of the year.

First few weeks were horrible. All I could think about was that I am away from my family and I can’t be there if they need me, I had to find a job to support myself which was hard in that time because most of the students were looking for a job as well. Nothing was as I expected.

Today I know that everything seemed bad just because it was way outside my comfort zone, in a short time I have realized that things WILL get better and all the stress and anxiety flew away as fast as they came. All I want to say is that if you are an international student and you’re feeling stressed, alone, and homesick, just keep fighting because things will get better. Study away.

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