Spooky encounters caught on camera that will creep you out.

Jack Moore

With Halloween just around the corner, I have combed the internet for the spookiest encounters caught on camera. While some are most likely hoaxes, these videos are sure to give you the creeps in time for Halloween. I have started with the least creepy videos and worked my way down until I creeped myself out that I didn’t want to watch anymore. I made it to 4 videos.

1.Spooked Cats

I think there is always something creepy when it comes to animals, that maybe they can sense or see something we cant. The cat’s behaviour I think creeps me out more than anything. 

2. Deer Park CBS School

This footage was taken from Deer Park CBS, one of the oldest schools in Cork City. With a lot of different videos saying it is fake and others saying its real, it was hard to judge. If this is a hoax, how did they do it, and why? 

3. Moving Dolls

I find dolls spooky anyway, I don’t know why people have large collections of them. While a few of these videos do look fake, it is something about the first and last video that really creeps me out. The reaction of the girl is so real, maybe it was a cruel prank by a parent or these dolls do have lives of their own. All I know is, I wouldn’t have a doll in my house after that.

4. Ghost Girls

This video creeps me out the most, from the reflection girl, too the girl in the house. There is something that just puts you on edge. While they may be fake, these videos still just creep me out.

What did you think of these creepy videos? Did any creep you out? What is the creepiest video you have seen? #TellYourStory 

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