Southwest Businesses are Improving Lives Across The City


Mark Lucking

06 January 2020 0 comments


Investing in young people’s lives has become a beacon for Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. With more options and resources helping young people to build a positive future.

Plymouth City Council is working with some leading companies to make sure options are available to help their development and growth in varied employment roles.

Plymouth City Council have created a ground-breaking plan a head to 2024, marking out a clear strategy to make Plymouth a landmark city of the future. One important aspect in the plan is the part young people’s role for the success of Plymouth.

“Every young person has access to the opportunities they need to gain skills for productive and fulfilling employment, and the housing, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities they need to be able to remain in the area should they wish to do so.”(The Plymouth Plan 2014-2034)

The Plymouth Plan lays out keys areas that integrate resources to work together to enable and support young people in the community, promoting 5 ways to wellbeing; Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice and Give.

Building a positive future for young people and the city of Plymouth.

Building Plymouth has reduced the skills gap and skill shortage facing the local industry by helping young people to find apprenticeships to develop careers by connected local people to the construction industry.

Young people are given the chance to build a future in construction where the industry currently employs 3 million people in the UK.

Construction offers young people a future prospective with a predicted 10,000 new jobs in Plymouth, including 32,400 jobs in the southwest over the next five years.

A not-for-profit enterprise, CSW provide support for young people, businesses, and adults to build aspiration and turn into achievement.

CSW help young people discover their options, providing support and a range of useful information to help young people get on the right track.

This can include further education, apprenticeships, or traineeships, helping them find the confidence within themselves through personal development courses, voluntary work, and employability courses to help young people take that next step.


Discovery College is a part of the YMCA Plymouth, offering 16-19 year olds vocational education and training. Allowing young people to learn in enjoyable, supportive, and engaging environment.

Generating amazing results for young people and encouraging young peoples career ambition no matter what their background.

Discovery College aim to help all young people with three main goals; Learn, Achieve and Succeed.



Southwest businesses are improving lives across the city, offering a range of resources to support young people and help them build their future.

With so much happening in the world, uncertainty with environmental, political and wellbeing factors, young people have more concerns that any other age group in the country.

Therefore, support from companies like these, that invest in the future of young people, offer them their best chance, and shape the future of Britain’s Ocean City.

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