Should You Accept a Job You Really Don’t Want?


Joseph Meyer

23 March 2021 0 comments

We are certainty in times of adversity, especially here in the United States where the total unemployed is around thirty-three million, yes you read that right, which would put us a rate of over 15%. That is a significant amount that has put many in turmoil over the current pandemic taking our world by storm.

Many living in fear wondering where their next paycheck is coming from, if they will have food on the table, be able pay the rent and without medical insurance the what if’s pile up.

Losing Hope

For those who are experiencing this and losing hope, I will say you are not alone and hopefully this will be a time of self-evaluation for a new chapter in your life. Finding a job is never easy especially in the best of times and to put it lightly it may be difficult during post Pandemic times, but you can overcome these times and I will say that there is hope.

Research as stated the many of those who lost their jobs where making $40,000 or less and working certain fields such as Retail, Food and Hospitality which would include travel, hotels and such.

From a perspective global perspective, the U.S is a service nation in my opinion, meaning we rely heavily on services and actually manufacture on a small-scale outsourcing that to other countries like China.

Here is the recent study –

Many who are unemployed due to this pandemic may end up going back to work to their previous employers as many were furloughed, some laid off and some were terminated with those positions never to return again. Those who are not going back to those positions and need to search for new jobs may have a rude awakening and an eye-opening experience to how employers will accept your new status as unemployed.

Still Be Cautious in These Times

There will be a wave of those applying for the same positions as you and many will apply for positions that will appear lower in status and pay, but should you take it is the question? I would say Yes! But be cautious as taking any position can set you back.

My personal experience has been when ones decides you take a position that may be lower pay, status , basically you are an under employed that can stick with you to next position as employers are reluctant to pay you what your worth, this is a tactic used to save money but don’t fall for.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking I am making this up, but personally I have experienced this in my own career and we must always remember employment with companies is always considered a business transaction mainly to benefit the employer. That is why in my opinion we have seen so many organizations cut the cord and cut loose its staff without a blink.

I get that companies have their position to their shareholders, but I think people tend to forget that everyone is expendable during these and all times, so really its important to think about how to intended to recover stronger for the future.

You Have No Other Options

But in the meantime you have just been offered a position, the position may not be ideal, the pay may suck, the hours, benefits may be terrible but you have rent due, food is getting low and your savings is gone what do you do?

Taking that position maybe answered, but you know you just don’t want it but know you need it, I say take the position and don’t look back. I want you to have the mentality that is new lesser position will not be the position to end all jobs but a stepping stone to getting you over the hump until you land back on your feet.

I know we all would like to get that ideal position where we can just make the money, we want but know that may not be possible right now. I know when I have taken less than positions, I typically felt less valuable despite the fact that I have a master’s degree and years of experience but like anyone, I am not immune to job loss and hardships.

Keep Your End Goal in Mind

Working a position that may not be ideal in these times may feel like a soul dying experience but remember the end goal in mind to get through this and keep the lights on, put food on the table, feed your family. Again this position can be temporary while you search that position that will bring back your confidence in getting the income and benefits you deserve.

Move on Without Guilt

Months have passed and you’re still working this dead-end job and you now have been hired to the position you desire with the income and benefits you need, it’s now the time to move on. Don’t feel bad you did what you had to do to survive the hump in the road and now can move on without guilt.  This is the way you get through these times and believe me when I say this may not be the last time you have to do this.

Remember Your Value

Even if you have to work in a less than ideal position, remember you have value No Matter What. Even if you work in a position you deem lower because of lack of status and pay, you have the ability to recover and will. I know it seems hopeless right now, with the news blasting unemployment rising each week, people are dying, getting sick just chaos all around, but you can find peace in the chaos if you focus and in time hopefully soon you will land on your feet with better opportunities you had before this pandemic took hold of our lives.

What is the Point

The point is you have a choice in your next role you accept your mission if you choose to accept it or don’t. But not accepting that less than ideal position you may affect yourself in ways you don’t want me such as the prolonging of money, paying the rent or food on the table. Yes, we are to make wise choices but know you have choices and know that that job you take which you don’t want may have a blessing an in disguise.


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