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Are you feeling upset in your daily life because of pressure/stress/anxiety that you encounter? In my daily life I feel the pressure, especially when I have to multitask, or it comes time to submitting reports and any work-related problems. Dealing with stress daily becomes exhausting.

Have you tried to ask yourself, ā€œWhat is the best move I could make to make my day better?ā€

A simple question. Many people find it hard to relieve themselves from the pressures of daily life but despite that, some people remain positive and donā€™t lose hope because they take care of themselves. But what does ā€˜taking care of yourselfā€™ mean?


Have you heard about self-care? What is all about? Self-care is a kind of activity where you can practice taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health. This involves looking at your daily lifestyle and it is long habits. In most ways, self-care is about being kind to yourself as would be to others.


Having a hobby is process of self-care. Simple things like hobbies can develop our skills, advance our knowledge, bring us joy and most of all, it enriches our lives. When you feel unhappy the best way to cultivate a new hobby is to try something new. Try to discover new interests, explore old interest. The world is wonderful. We can explore a lot of activities and enrich our lives.

Change your mindset

Life can be full of disappointment, and when you hit a rough patch it’s really hard to keep moving forward, especially if your someone who tends to be a cynical thinker. Negative thoughts can’t help you to keep moving forward and can’t help you grow. Instead of focusing on your mistakes, learn to adapt and think outside the box. Changing a mindset is a great way to improve yourself and it’s a large part of a life-changing self-care practice. By doing this you’ll experience great joy, less pressure and relieve stress. 

Learn to say NO 

It’s okay to say “No” sometimes. Especially when it regards your work or your personal life. In fact, you don’t need to please everybody to like you. It’s okay to say no when you feel down and demotivated. By learning to say no to the things you know will make you stressed, you begin to put yourself first. It will also free up some ā€˜you timeā€™ and opens yourself up to do the things that make you feel happy.

Be healthier and workout

Eating healthy foods along with a proper workout can help keep both your mind and body healthy. The endorphins released from exercise can help boost low moods, along with a full 8 hours sleep daily and regular water intake. It’s okay to eat junk food, sweets etcā€¦ but with a limit. Treat yourself occasionally. Reward yourself in different ways, as such as going to the gym and cook your favorite food.

Focus on your goals

Focus on your goals. Start the morning with a positive outlook and make it a practice to focus on your goals. When your focused, anything can be accomplished. Instead of checking your phone every day and reading unnecessary comments on social media, try to focus yourself and do the things to achieve your goals. Create a checklist, make notes. By adding something visual to tick off each task, it will give you a larger sense of accomplishment when itā€™s completed.

Treat yourself

Finally, give yourself some special treatment. Pampering yourself occasionally. Buying new clothes, go shopping and have a spa treatment, I would recommend a full body massage, it helps to relax your body and give you some much deserve for self-care.

Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that itā€™s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We deserve a break sometimes and it’s important to indulge in self-care to reduce our stress, pressure and anxieties. Self-care is about making a small and purposeful effort of putting yourself first and learning the rest will follow. I hope this post will help you to start your day better and it will help to love yourself.


Maysz Adrias
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