Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing – Fraud; Leads, and Revenue Generation.

Morgan Orioha

Pay per click marketing as modern process of using ads to generate leads and revenue is proven to be prone to fraud. This eventually affects planned advertising budget. According to a Solutions company –  ClickCease, bots, Click Farms, and competitors can feign potential customer only to derail marketing budget.


With, about 40% of internet traffic bot, PPC fraud, often, occur through these non-humans. Similarly, competitors deliberately commit PPC fraud to keep one out of business or profit.  They redirect internet traffic to their sites once their competitor’s advertising budget has been depleted or stopped, thereby taking potential clients. Interestingly, it has been revealed that they use click farms, dedicated to click fraud operation, to “bully” their competitor’s PPC ads out from the search engine’s result.


It is unfortunate, but more than mere talks, something must be done to free and protect businesses and their profits. According to ClickCease, they have devised a way to “monitor PPC with advanced machine learning algorithms for their clients to separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots that their deplete budget”. That is great and commendable! But there is a limit to what businesses themselves can do, (at least because of operational cost) when it has to do with fraud and oppression. Therefore, as much as businesses could try to protect themselves and their profits, it is not good to pay for advertising with hope of generating leads and growing revenue only to experience such fraud and bully because profits and budget have been derailed against plan. There is no need for anxiety, worry and depression over the problem rather it is an economic and some worth political that trumps up opportunity for fair review and regulation of the internet to arrest this and similar fraudulent and unfair business operation impacting profits and finances.


In modern economy driven by internet, businesses can not do without PPC marketing as much as they cannot do without internet. Why? Brand management, product and service marketing as well as sales are driven by awareness as part of ease of doing business. And because revenue growth and profits are ultimate desired goals of majority businesses, they must be supported to reap their profits and in turn pay their commiserate taxes to the government whilst serving other economic needs such as employment to the public.


Change and continuous improvement are constant in life, therefore, policies can be reviewed and improved to support business operations and processes based on modern reality and impacts. We must realize that businesses are using and relying on the internet traffic for their operations more than it was a decade ago. And because they must reap their profits and grow, it is high time a holistic, fair review and improvement of modern internet traffic operations are conducted irrespective of politics.  I hope that when done, it would arrest and turnaround any ongoing unfair situations such as discussed in this article about PPC marketing.

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