Note to self: Stop Pleasing People



10 June 2019 0 comments

I love doing things for people who love and care about me. Friends, family even acquaintances. I gave my generosity, honesty and my loyalty to them because it felt like they give me a lot of appreciation and encouragement. I loved to hear their feedback and I was always doing my best to meet their expectations, until one day, I realise that my life had become a prison because of their judgment.

I was someone who found myself searching for validation through other’s opinions. I was easily offended when they were disappointed, when people offered criticisms, I become fearful and hurt. In the end I started to change myself to fit with their views. Whenever they asked for something or made their opinion know I would say agree! No matter what the request or opinion was, the answer was yes, and I began to lose my own voice. I started to struggle to authenticate myself and I was losing everything that made me, me. I struggled to determine my own identity and be myself.

Until one day I realised, I need to STOP PEOPLE PLEASING.

Yes, it feels good to be liked, but you don’t need to pretend to impress others, or gain their approval. Don’t conform for the sake of pleasing others. Mold yourself into the person that you want to be. Pleasing everybody is never your responsibility. 

If they like you for who you are, good! Then they are true friends and family! If not, it’s their problem and not yours. Stop worrying about pleasing others so much, do what makes you feel happy. Their expectations can’t help you to be yourself. When I realised this, I felt myself grow as a person and I have composed 3 points to help anyone else who feels like they are in the same situation:


Without any doubt and fear. Be confident that your personality, ideas and goals deserved to be voiced. Never be afraid to express yourself and never apologize for saying what you feel.


Show the real you without any hesitations. As I’ve already mentioned, if they don’t like you, it’s their problem not yours. You cannot please everybody and not everyone will like you. That is life.


Lastly! If someone is ignoring you or berating you then that means you should let go. Give yourself some worth. AND YOU ARE WORTH IT, BELIEVE ME! Don’t waste your time on all the people who are giving you a hard time, just to meet their expectations.

We live in world full of expectations. Sometimes people will disregard what you have and what you done. They’ll always judge. So, with the mental note self to ‘STOP PLEASING PEOPLE’ and instead focus on my own personal goals, I find my life less stressful and oppressive. If I fail, it’s none of their business. But at least I know I tried my hardest to strive toward my own ideals.


Maysz Adrias
Bio: Admin staff and part-time blogger of AMAYSZING BLOG. Musician and writer. Exploring things here in our wonderful world. Writing inspirational stories. Believing faith is powerful.
Instagram: amaysziing/
Facebook: amayszhinngharthart

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