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01 October 2020 0 comments

Introducing the new MyNeedToLive courses, a section of free and paid courses that help you find the best options for you. Our courses offer a unique insight into different industries, helping you to determine if this role is what you want, and find the best career path to build your future.

These courses are approved by employers and give you the key skills to help you towards your career path. Unlike most education providers, we don’t want any hidden costs, so at the end of the course, you won’t be charged extra for a digital certificate.

The MyNeedToLive courses work in 3 stages.

Badge Course
Foundation Course
Certification Course
Badge Course

Minimum course time: 2 Hours
Price: Free
These courses help you work out: “Do I want to do this?”

Foundation Course

Minimum course time: 4 Hours
Price: Free
These courses help you work out:

  • What is involved?
  • How difficult is this?
  • Do I want to pursue this further?

Certification Course

Minimum course time: 15 Hours
Price: Paid
These courses help you:

  • Gain valuable skills for that industry – approved by employers
  • Provide you with a badge credential for your CV
  • Take the next steps towards your career

All completed courses come with government-approved badges. We have teamed up with Cities of Learning, the Real Ideas Organisation and Plymouth City Council to award you with validated credentials.

We have new courses added every week form different industries and you can even request a course you would be interested in learning. Click the button below for MyNeedToLive Courses.

MyNeedToLive Courses

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