Love For The People – Angel By My Side (NHS Charity Single)

Mark Lucking

Raising money for the NHS Charities COVID-19 Appeal

‘Love for the people’ have written a beautiful song called ā€˜Angel by my sideā€™ to acknowledge the great care and support NHS and frontline workers are giving to us, our friends and our families in our greatest time of need.

ā€˜Love for the peopleā€™ are two unsigned songwriters who have NHS workers in their families.Ā  They felt they could not ignore the tremendous sacrifice that their loved ones, and many others, were making, with some even paying the ultimate price.

Like many around the world watching the heart breaking images of COVID -19 play out, ‘Love for the people’ wanted to make a difference the only way they knew how ā€“ through music. Ā Ā This was no mean feat given the social distancing rules during lockdown and with limited access to professional recording equipment.Ā  Nevertheless after numerous video calls this poignant dedicated song was born, highlighting the selfless efforts of the amazing NHS and front line staff, to thank them for the way they are touching lives forever.Ā Ā  Ā 

When we are unable to love, comfort and hold the hands of our sick mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children these wonderful heroes are doing this for usā€¦ā€¦suppressing their own fears every day to be true angels by their side.

While we feel their love, we hope through this song they can feel ours. We can never forget, when the rainbows have gone all the things theyā€™ve done. Ā #thepeoplestribute #angelbymyside

Ā ā€˜Angel by my sideā€™ will be available to pre-order on iTunes from 15th May and download from 29th May, with proceeds going to this worthy cause. We have also set up a just giving page for those who may simply like to donate

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