Losing Your Job in a Pandemic and How to Recover

Joseph Meyer

The fear of losing your job for anyone is particularly frightening for anyone, even more so during a global pandemic. In my twenty plus years working I have lost my job a few times. The first which was one of my very first jobs as I was laid off due to the company restructuring. I was young right out of college and in the back of my mind knew I was young, and I would recover soon enough.

In my mid-twenties this was a particularly difficult time as I was going through a deep depression having just lost my aunt to top it off. For some who read my pieces you would know that I lived in a very unhealthy home environment but unfortunately was no in a position to leave so I became a ticking time bomb of depression and despair.

This was also a time due to my depression I job hopped extensively looking for any opportunity to bring me comfort and a away to cope, but those efforts failed. I remember during these times I would stay at a job for a week or a month and quit moving on to the next job.

Why do I tell you this because life without purpose such as a job can lead to destruction of self and even more so with so many out of work due to health and economic pandemic taking hold of the world.Ā  Not every country is affected the same, but In the United States which is where I am from we have over thirty thousand cases of COVID-19 and thousands of deaths in addition to twenty two million out of work, yes thatā€™s right Twenty Two Million!

The is no justification for the lost of work and how this will surely damage lives for years to come just like it did in 2008 but that was a completely different reason.

If you have lost your job due to recent events there is nothing one can say but I am sorry. My apologies may not bring you much comfort but to say you are not alone. But in these times there are many who will experience deep depression, frustration and tears over how they are going to recover.

Unfortunately we are not in normal times, we are in times that will require great strength on your part to get you through this and hope that you have friends and loved ones to help you through these times. To get you prepared for these times like anyone else looking for work DONā€™T GIVE UP!

Here are some simple tips that may give you some comfort where to begin:


  1. Prepare for a longer search

Like mentioned I am from the U.S with so many out of work there my not be a quick fix to finding work as now you will literally have millions to complete with for that next job making it even harder. But donā€™t let that discourage you, remember you are valuable and every company will see you differently and in time hopefully a short time you will be hire for an even better role you had before.


  1. Review your skills list

You have valuable skills remember that and that you are unique, but how you display those skills are key to your success in finding a new role.


  1. Communication is key

How you communicate to those future employers is so important and be specific in what you are looking for in that future role. This time will give you the opportunity to remake how to communicate and see and work in those areas you can improve on. I find that there will always be areas to improve my communication regardless of how educated you are.


  1. Recruiters can do so much

Recruiters now have an even more difficult task ahead of them as they will now get an usual larger flood of applicants to new job postings. Ā Although there are more applicants you still must stand out from the rest, even more so in this time.


  1. Update your LinkedIn

The social media of choice for anyone looking to network and make your resume digital to the world to see. If you donā€™t current have a profile, set one up immediately putting the word you are looking and ready to start work.

If you currently have one make sure itā€™s up to date with the latest a short powerful description of who you are. I canā€™t say this enough this is a vital part of getting that next role especially have a current picture that looks professional to future employers to see.


  1. Resume

One of the most important documents needed to get that next role but in my view one of the most difficult to create. Although there are no special rules to how you create yours personally itā€™s important to know the basics such as keeping your resume to maximum of two pages, short straight to point points on your work history and education. Ultimately it is a picture and it needs to be perfect as perfect can be in these times.


  1. Social Media is your friend

Social media is now going to be used as a tool instead of a means to stay connected to friends and family. This will be used to connect to future employers, get the word out of your unemployment let your voice reach the world.

A few simple ground rules would be to remove anything that may appear inappropriate or give a less an ideal impression of you. The other option would be making your personal media accounts private and create accounts specifically for professional reasons like networking.


  1. Expand your network

Networking is the key to that next role so be diligent in making those new acquaintances. Attend mixers and network events putting your name and face out there for others to see, making those connections make all the difference.


  1. Practice Interview Skills

Being that you may be home more take this time to practice your interview skills with friends and family, search the web for the best techniques and practice, practice, practice. Once those interviews start rolling in they will come in handy and you will be more prepared then ever. I can not stress this enough getting your interview will teach you even more about interviewing perfectly your style, pitch and tone for that next interview until you land the role.


  1. Remember your value

I cannot stress this enough, during these times we may feel worthless like we are the cause of this situation and know you are NOT. But this moment will not define you but make you stronger and better so remember this is not the end of your chapter, itā€™s the beginning to new chapters in your life, so attempt to be positive even though I knows its difficult.


This Moment will NOT define you

During these times you may cry, you may experience depression and fear all-natural feelings, you may even feel anger. These feelings will eventually go away but in time. Look at those in your life, your friends and loved ones for comfort.

See the source image

If you donā€™t truly have anyone look to yourself for comfort. This time can be a time of remaking you, looking at what is truly important in your life.Ā  Be kind to yourself, be patient and never give up and you will recover from this even if it seems like you may not you will.

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