It’s your turn: How are you managing lodgings during lockdown?

Louise Daniel

With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to see why some slip through the cracks. But it is vital we support young adults to make sense of the their educational journey. Students are crucial to our future, they need support to find their way through uncertainty.

According to the National Union of Students their recent survey of almost 10,000 students indicated that: “COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our education. Studentsā€™ placements have been paused, lessons moved online and colleges shut.

The survey highlights how students are paying for accommodation they no longer need and are at financial risk due to the crisis, they said:” We are concerned about the long-term effects COVID-19 will have on their future and the wider economy.”

This illustrates the insecurity faced by our next generation. Will they be able to complete courses and pursue their career ambitions?

AccommodationĀ  troubles

Students in term-time accommodation worry if they need to extend their tenancy, whether they can pay for it, and how they can get help. If they’ve gone home, they are concerned whether they can get their stuff back, if it’s safe at their house or halls of residence, and whether they have to pay rent for property they aren’t using.

Issues around how to self isolate in shared houses are paramount, and students question how their tenancies will be affected as lockdown continues.

Student support

There is plenty of guidance which answer some of the practical questions around how to deal with the pandemic, but it’s taking a toll.

Universities UK estimates the UK sector is facing losses of around Ā£790 million from accommodation, catering and conference income in the 2019-20 term.

Universities are losing income, but students across the UK may not be getting the support they need either.

Is it enough to trot out the same guidance around staying safe? Do students need a road map of information which helps them to get on track with the issues around accommodation?

We need to hear from you

There are no easy answers for anyone. But our next generation of engineers, artists, communicators and leaders need help and answers now.

Is your accommodation provider helping you? Where do you get your information and guidance from? Can you share successful survival tips which other students could find useful?

Get in touch, register and tell your story. You could change someone’s life or at the very least give them some hope that they can get through this.

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