Is it ok to hate yourself?


Joseph Meyer

02 April 2022 0 comments

Is it ok to hate yourself? Most would say NO! But I did for most of my adult life. Throughout my childhood and into adulthood I was told by a grandparent I was worthless, an *expletive* up and never amount to anything and for the most part he was right because I let his words dictate how to live my life.

I was until the last few years I realized I have value. I’ve been married since 2010 and my wife god bless her has told me I am valuable, when my daughter was born and now that she is 9 she tells how loved and valuable I am and I believe them both.

For many out there who struggle with self worth remember you are worthy , Precious and don’t let anyone dictate your value or you’ll feel the effects for years and sometimes the rest of your life.

Love your imperfections, weaknesses because you have a lot more strengths then you realize.

We are all in this world together and although I still have trouble valuing myself I tell myself to STOP.

Here is a picture of myself 5 years ago at my worst state. Heavily overweight with a lot of financial stress taking care of my family as the sole provider. Although this caused great stress I put value in my family and stop do, they are my rock and of course my faith in GOD.

Here is before and after and although I can’t guarantee I’ll stay like in pic 2 I’ll work hard to maintain my 60 pound weight loss.

Many of us struggle with our weight, it’s been a life long battle but I keep working towards it daily. I love myself more each day but sadly still depend on affirmation from my manager and colleagues to remind me of my value.

I feel I’m better today then I have In years and although #finances never seem to be easy I work at and keep a healthy state of mind as depression and aniexty inflicts at times.

I know I’m valuable and have each day as a re-do if I screw up and do at times.

I look at myself five years and I know I hated myself. I worked full time , part time and even Lyft on the weekends I was tired and burnt out. Let’s not get to this point it’s not worth it.

We live in a #culture of work hard to the point of exhaustion even death. Spend time with loved ones, friends and put value in what matters yourself, your faith if you have one and remember you are loved.

See the source image

Have a great weekend and keep punching!

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