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Joseph Meyer

26 February 2020 0 comments

We are now in the age that it no longer takes one job to pay the bills but now it can take two or even three to put food on the table. Why has this changed the dynamics in how we work and enjoy life, well there are many different factors some completely out of our control.

Since 2011 I have been working two jobs, one full time and one part-time which has allowed my family and I to survive. I happen to live in California one of the highest cost states to live in, due to the high cost of rent, gas, food, utilities you name it it’s high.

Having lived here all my life it’s the only home I know, but I am not opposed to moving out of state, which I have considered and even attempted to but unfortunately, those plans fell through due to the cost to love and the positions salaries in those said states where considerably lower which would have made it difficult.

Working Two Jobs is Not Unusual for Me

If you live in the states, you will see there is a whole woke culture that is opening their eyes to how much it costs to survive and you will see lots of data on the costs. I happen to in Southern California near Los Angeles. Having lived here all my life, I can honestly say yes the weather is mostly perfect, no tornados, hurricanes, but we do have an occasional earthquake.

Cost in California has always seemed to be high as we are the 5th largest economy in the world and one of the wealthiest, where much of tech was started in Silicon Valley with companies like Facebook, Apple and other well-known companies. I guess one could say there is justification for the high cost, but I don’t think so, its outrageous compared to other states who have a more modest living standard.

Like mentioned since 2011, I have worked two jobs and still continue to support my family, it’s exhausting at times, as I hardly home, luckily I don’t work on the weekends but could if chose too by doing Lyft another job.

Our state is not alone in those having to work two jobs to make it, it seems many who are professionals like myself have a difficulty keeping up with the cost of living and wages don’t rise as quickly as we would like. Many will have the argument well if you can’t make enough that’s your problem, you’re the problem and need to choose a different profession, Not so easy. I have been working full time since I was 22 years and I am not 40 workings to continuously raise my income, but it has been a real struggle.

The Financial Pinch

I definitely try not to beat myself up over it, because I know I am not the problem, there are ways I can combat the pinch of tight finances, which would include lowering my debt, budgeting my money carefully and always having a roof over our head and food.

Are you someone who feels the pinch and has to take a second job? Did you understand that yes we have everything we could imagine in this life especially in the U.S. but it comes at a cost, a high one.

Due to work two jobs my mental health and physical health has suffered, my time with family and my stress level has been higher. I truly envy those who can work one job and be ok, even if you have to pinch pennies just to make it.

From an economic standpoint if many people are working two jobs, and those jobs go away, what happens to those people well, unfortunately, it can be a disaster for the economy. No should HAVE to work two jobs, we should all have a choice too but many don’t.

If you are working those multiple jobs here are some tips to help you maintain your sanity, which includes:

  1. Find some quick fixes for Life’s tasks

Make staying healthy a priority to keep your mind and body strong as working multiple jobs can deplete that energy quickly. Take a daily walk, make time to go to the gym in the morning before your day starts or in between jobs, this will do wonders for your energy and health. Also, eat healthier foods, try to limit fast food.

  1. Plan out your week ahead of time

Take some time to look over your schedule, your breaks and how to want to plan that time accordingly so that you use your time wisely. Everything should be a review like when you eat breakfast to dinner to getting on the freeway to your next job and being there on time with hopefully time to spare. This will help keep you organized and motivated that you have a plan to get through the week.

  1. Give yourself time off

Yup you heard me, give yourself time off a vacation to recharge, please don’t make it a habit to work 365 days 24/7 regardless if you feel you need, our bodies and minds will not take the stress and it will affect us. No one is saying it has to be a long vacation or time off but make it apart of keep you sane and healthy, it will do wonders to keep you strong.

  1. When you’re Not working, don’t think about Work

I know this can be difficult because by thinking about work we feel that it’s part of us being responsible, but really this does more damage than good. When you leave the office, the Café or ridesharing leaving the job behind once you finish.

  1. Keep the end goal in sight

We all have reasons for working two jobs it could be to Pay the bills, it could be to pay down debt, save for a home, for school. Whatever your reason knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel, be patient and you will reach your goal. Remember that with proper planning its possible you may not need that second job in time, this could be temporary so look at this as a short term event that you get through and most importantly cut yourself some slack and be kind to yourself, you are trying to do what many choose not to do.

There is Hope and Reason the for This

Working two jobs has been one of the most challenging things in my life because at the same time I have a family to raise, a wife and daughter, bills, rent, you name it I have it. But each day I make it an effort to exercise, eat right, spend time with my family when I am not working and know that this is short term. Right now, I am planning on how I can pay things down or off to allow me NOT to work two jobs and just have one, so there is a plan in place but it will take time.

I know I am not alone in my plight as I see more and more working two or more jobs to make it and thank goodness for good health and my energy to keep pushing forward, you can too, are you up to a challenge, we are pushed when the going gets tough but in the end, I know we have in all of us to make it.

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