How to stay motivated.


Caterina Borsan

04 June 2019 0 comments

Being a student in the 21st Century can be difficult. This is especially when it comes to becoming motivated and staying motivated to study or do that one piece of homework that is due in 2 days. You feel like prioritizing other things such a cleaning or binge watching a show. I’ve been there myself and I am writing this to help you avoid making that mistake.

Surround yourself with positive people

This is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Simply because we all love our friend group and the people that we hang out with. It may be trendy to do what everyone else is doing and be ‘to cool for school’ and studying. What will make you stand out? Your result in the long run and your attitude to your work ethic. The more encouragement, the more likely you are to have the motivation to study and carry out those homework tasks.

Have a balanced diet

Having a balanced diet can have a positive impact on your performance. For example, if you eat a heavy lunch, you will struggle to focus for the rest of the day. It is because your body is having to work hard to digest the food. It leaves you feeling tired and sleepy, making focusing and thinking, harder. With this being said, ensure that you eat healthy and provide your body with the correct fuel to boost you back up.

No distractions

This is tough especially if you are addicted to your phone and social media. We tend to put our technological life before anything else and we are all guilty of doing so. We hear that notification come through and we just have to see what it is! If we don’t, we feel like we may be missing out on something and we like to stay in-the-loop. My advice is take any possible distraction and move it away from you. Put your phone, your laptop and anything else, in another room. This way, you will be less likely to get up and check them. You could also go to a quiet place to study such as the library. Not only is it distraction-free but you will also have the ability to focus and successfully study.


Excising benefits your motivation as it can help you de-stress. With exams coming up, it can be tough to look after yourself as you dive deep into books. You must remember to exercise. This will not only help you feel refreshed and more relaxed, but it will also help you have that boost of motivation that you need, including giving you that ‘feel good’ factor.


This comes in with aesthetic. Having a study planner with set dates and times can be very helpful in motivating you. If you feel that this may not motivate you, set alarms and reminders on your phone so that you won’t forget. Additionally, label each alarm for different subjects or topics. This helps you ensure you give your attention to each individual subject, equally. Of course, if you require to look at certain subjects in more detail, you definitely can.

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