How to get over summertime and start the new season fresh!

Anja Masha
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Summertime is amazing, no doubt: no school, beach, holidays, traveling and staying up late. However, it comes to an end. It is sad, but I know you are able to get back in track for the new season.

1. Firstly, make sure to regulate your schedule: start sleeping earlier, adjust the waking up alarm and stick to the same eating hours. This way it would be easier to adjust to the September routine. 

2. Set goals for the whole year: I know sometimes it is diffuclt to set goals for the whole year, but try to make some as it will help you further reach what you need and how to work to get to them. See what you have already achieved in the past year and set new ones for the upcoming year.

3. Be disconnected from technology: it gets very distracting when you have your phone with you all the time and sometimes just checking Facebook or Instagram becomes an addiction. Set a daily time to be online and put your phone away the rest of the time. You will be more focused to study and work and this way you will avoid procrastinating things that need to be done.

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