How Getting Covid Awakened Me To My Gifts


Joseph Meyer

23 January 2022 0 comments

The start of 2022, did not start out as planned, having caught COVID in early January. Not thinking I was immune and couldn’t catch it, I knew it was a possibility. I was very careful to follow the rules, keep my distance, wear my mask and I was vaccinated. Again, I know vaccination is by no means a total prevention but getting sick really changed me. I was out of commission for a week and to be honest I don’t even remember that week as I was in bed sick, sleeping and also experiencing flu like symptoms like fever, cough and vomiting. Thankful I did not have to be hospitalized, because in all honestly, I have heard and read that once you are placed on a ventilator many tend to don’t recover.

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My Post COVID Awakening

What was most difficult is I was coming off my two-week holiday vacation ready to get back to work and suddenly this happens. After getting back to work I honestly did not feel the same, I still don’t as I appear to have brain fog, fatigue and shortness of breath at times.

I think what eye was quite opening to me is how precious life is and how many in this world have lost the battle to COVID and have died. This is certainty strange times and even though this pandemic has been happening since early 2020 it did not truly affect me until recently. Thankfully my nine-year-old daughter was ok, but my wife did test positive and experience similar symptoms.

What was eye opening to me as well is my professional life and having an understanding that this may be a moment in history to not hold back and wait but to truly go for the job of my dreams. I say that because since early 2020 I feel many have lived in fear to move to progress because we are told to stay indoors, don’t get COVID, keep your distance and basically keep your head down. For many you may not see this, living in the U.S. fear is rampant and for good reason.

Change in Workforce Culture

I have seen our culture change in the last two years basically especially in the workforce as we are experiencing what is called the great resignation as employees are having an awaking to better opportunities, more money and realizing that many employers do not care about them as much as we want to believe, that we are all expendable and this is the moment we can all move forward. Employers also see this as an opportunity to get a new employee force and the market is more competitive now which is a good thing. I too am considering the move to and looking for other opportunities although I am happy with the company and position, I am at now, I believe there could be better opportunities out there no harm in seeking them. Over the course of this pandemic, I have worked from home which has been great because of the flexibility to be with the family, but I am not opposed to working in an office again, but I would prefer keeping to working from home.

You Have Gifts

During this period in history, I encourage all of you to look within at your gifts, your talents and who you can offer the workforce. Maybe you feel you cannot accomplish anything right now because we are stuck at home, but you can and should keep moving forward in life and your career. I feel this year will be enlighten year like none other and hopefully it will be for. I feel this pandemic has opened my eyes to the possibilities and to remember how short life is and how we must seize the moment for better things, take risks in your career and apply for the opportunity, go back to school , but ultimately create some great goals in 2022, surprise yourself.

Covid and the pandemic is not over, and it will probably not be over for some time, but that should not stop us from succeeding, reaching our goals and going against the tide of not living in fear, because it appears this is a moment in history especially in the workforce that employers are looking for you and so you should look for them.

This article is unique in itself, because of my new perspective and hope you see it that way. Thank you and have a great 2022, be safe and reach for your dreams, this is your year.


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