How Creating a Pod Cast will Help my Mental Health

Joseph Meyer

As a blogger It brings me joy to write words of encouragement, display my feelings, emotions and my story in print for all to see. I am so thankful to give content to all of you because deep down I know it may help many of you go through some of things I go through.  As someone who considers himself creative, I always look for new ways to get my voice out to the public and now I will be creating my first Podcast.

Over much of my lifetime I have always been quiet and always felt my voice wasn’t important because frankly I have always been told to be quiet even at work I was told no one wants to hear what I have to say. Over time I have worked to be more vocal but that part of me still exists as its engrained in who I am.

Starting a pod cast has been on my mind for years as I always had an interest in those who go and record their thoughts, feelings and advise. For those who read my blogs you will see I do have a voice in writing and I have things to say and this will be another way for those who maybe don’t want to read but listen to what I have to say.

I don’t want this blog to just be about me, but about the benefits I hope to see as podcast and there definitely benefits. One of those benefits I hope to see is getting to talk about my thoughts, my struggles, and those passions that I find important.  I don’t expect a huge following but that would great to have as many out there do, but deep down I see myself as a nobody to the world and that’s ok.

My hope is for the following to happen when starting my podcast which I will also include my first episode in this blog.

  1. It gives me something to look forward to

In my daily life I work, I teach and take care of the family which can sometimes leave little time for fun and doing things I love to do. I am not complaining but life gets busy, so this will be levity to my life to express myself to the world.

  1. It helps my anxiety and depression

Like mention I have always been told to be quiet, your voice is worthless, and this came from family and work which for someone who wants to feel like my words have value is pretty hard. By speaking into the microphone and letting loose I can have a vocal outlet to speak and no one can tell me to be quiet and if people tune in and listen the more the merrier.

  1. Continuing to build on me

I am always looking to make myself better and stronger as a person. Being an introvert does not help at times as I see this is will be a way to bring me out of my shell, improve my communication skills and leave something as a footprint for my family and friends.

  1. Building a stronger platform

As someone who has a creative side as a writer and blogger which in a sense are the same but different in delivery find that my physical voice is equally important to the world and what I am trying to build.

  1. So many other benefits

There is so many benefits I have not seen yet but will soon discover in time as I believe to put my voice out there to listen, to respond. Hopefully in time others will give me feedback on my thoughts so I can have a real discussion with others. I hope not to turn this in to a ranting session but a dialogue for others who wants to listen to.

It’s all because of You!

For those who podcast, you probably have seen the benefits from a personal standpoint and maybe even a financial standpoint. This is just the beginning for me and I look forward to discovering more about myself I have not seen before. But in all truthfulness its all because of my readers who continue to encourage me to speak and I thank you and my family as well.

Here is my first pod cast introducing myself and my voice to the world, hope you listen, tune in and follow for future pods.

Here is the link to my new Pod Cast.


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