Have you checked out Robbie Williams singalong?

Louise Daniel

Celebrities are in lock down too, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still committed to doing what they do best.

Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams haven’t always been the best of mates following their Take That split, but this video clearly shows that is all behind them now.

The superstars are in fine form singing their hearts out in an effort to keep us entertained.

Like many of us who are working from home, furloughed, wondering what’s coming next, they are filling their time the best way they know how – they are entertainers, after all.

Have you spotted celebs doing their bit to keep morale up while in lock down? Who is getting it right or oh-so wrong?

Get in touch and tell us about your must-do boredom-breaker, celebrity singalong or your tops for getting through the day.

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