Going on a trip as a College student


Jasmin Biesenroth

06 November 2019 0 comments

Going on a trip as a College student can be nearly impossible, especially when your paying for everything yourself. But, there are ways where you can actually go on small trips throughout your College years.

The key is to save money on the things you would not think about usually. And also you should take advantage of offers which don’t fall in the big holidays of the year, where most of the people are going on holiday. You can save some serious money if you go to a place off-season.

But where can you save money?

Groceries. You can save a lot of money on groceries. Especially when you start to cook more yourself than eating out. Also, meal planning and prepping is the best way to save money. You should also incorporate weekly deals of your local grocery store and stock up once a month on items that you can use for multiple meals such as pasta and grains.

Beauty products and Clothing. Only buy things you actually need. Make sure to check out the deals on theneedtolive.com. And if you buy some new clothing make sure to purge your clothes before and sell some of your old clothes. This is also a great hack if you’re not buying anything new. Selling some of the clothes you won’t wear can bring in some extra cash for your trip.

College. Yes, you can actually save some money here. The trick is to buy used books and then put away the money you saved into your trip. That way you use your book money for your trip as well. Also there are some amazing offers for students everywhere so make sure to take advantage of them all. Another tip is to not overbuy school supplies, only buy what’s empty.

What else can I do?

Find a job that doesn’t take away so much of your time for College. If you already have a job and are unable to save some buck from it, pick up some tutoring. There is always a way to make some extra money. You could also babysit or housesit. That way you make some more money for your trip and are likely to have some time on your hand to do other things at the same time.

And last but not least, go onto different sites to check out deals for your dream holiday. Also, if your going on weekend trips the offers a much likely to be a bit cheaper than a whole holiday and you are able to go to more cities/countries. Just make sure you find what you really want to do and is reachable with the saving tips provided in this post.

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