Getting passed up for promotion is painful, but it’s the push you need


Joseph Meyer

01 June 2021 0 comments

Being in the workforce for over twenty years, that’s right Twenty years you learn a lot about your career, not only in the means of who you are and who you want to become but those in your life who will stand in your way to success. Don’t ever let that stop you from pursuing your dreams, your goals and ambitions you are worth it, something I wish I believed earlier in my career.

Early at the beginning of my career, I am like most, I just graduated from college, earning my bachelors and I was hungry for success I wanted to move up fast, something I believe most of us want, even at a young age.

For some success comes quickly, but for others is a slow arduous process of paying your dues. Not to say that we don’t all pay our dues but I believe when you have the right people in your life that want you to succeed they will make it happen, for everyone else tough luck.

I know this sounds very cynical and maybe I am a little bitter for how my career has progressed over the years. I do have some very personal examples of getting passed up, but I think you will see regardless I have been hungry for success and I am haven’t always gotten it.
One particular example I can think of was in my thirties working in the finance industry a place I felt that had a lot of potential for my career, but I was willing to start from the bottom.

My Eye Opening Began

It was exciting at first like any new role, learning new things, meeting new people looking to the horizon to what kind of opportunities for the future. I regularly noticed that there were quite a few promotions from customer service to branch managers and higher and some not even there that many years.

A big misconception is that one must work years and years to get promoted and that was far from the truth as I saw employees after one year get promoted. For some you may say well good for them, you should be happy.

To a certain degree I was it was refreshing to see when organizations recognize those they see as assets. I worked and worked, learning the business, being a knowledge expert in my position and when I felt I mastered that role I felt it was time to apply for other roles to keep my career going.

I applied and applied and applied some more all while continuing my current role ready to take on the next big opportunity, but each time I was starting to get passed over even though I not only had a bachelors but a masters degree more than capable and more education then most of those I worked with had, so what was I doing wrong?

I asked for feedback got none, got good evaluations, had good relationships with my supervisors, managers and co-workers but still nothing. I self-reflected constantly on how to change my techniques, my approach but continued to press on I was not about to give up just let, so I waited patiently until the next opportunity.

I began to see a shift in how others began to treat me in a way being ignored and when I did interview for other positions many of those who interviewed me looked pasted me even though they knew I was qualified but still nothing. It was painful because each day I saw my opportunities for grow slip away and my relationships disappear I was no longer seen or heard; it was time to go.

My Story is Like Some Many

Not sure if my story sounds familiar, but for others, it may be a part of life, one can do not expect or demand to be promoted, which is very true. I would never expect to be handed anything nor should you, but when you work for an organization you observe the talent around you, gauge those around you and basically size each co-worker up.

I know we all have different talents and strengths, but realistically we always need to find ways to have more talents than my co-workers even our boss.

I realized my potential and value, I knew what I could do if allowed the opportunity, but it appeared those who gave the magic ticket didn’t see it and it broke me. It broke me because I am a family man with a wife and kids who only wants to provide them with the best life I can and I couldn’t so it affected me in different ways.

I am here to tell you don’t give up, keep looking for those opportunities someone will see your true value it will just take time, patience and continuing to work on you, improve you, be the best you and keep reaching and you will get there.

You are not worth less than a manager, a CEO or some higher up, because deep down you will see how others got where they got and unfortunately it was not always by hard work, it could be who you know which is true to life its not what you know but who.

Reach for the stars!

If You don’t reach the stars right away remember the universe is big and your time will come it could be today, tomorrow, five years, ten years from now all preparation and those hard life lessons will allow you to appreciate what you have like I do now.

Getting passed over for any position will always sting, but remember that that NO will be a YES somewhere else and I personally can attest to that, sit back and know you are in good companies from many successful people who have tried and failed many times ultimately reaching the success they wanted and earned.

Let those failures motivate you to push harder and don’t accept the status quo like so many others do, you can be better and then that promotion will mean nothing because you will be at a different level then others realizing your value is undervalued and appreciated and it will be time to move on to bigger and better things.

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