Are you on TikTok?

Louise Daniel

Packed with creativity, TikTok, is easily the the most fun you can have on your smart phone right now.

Experiencing the lives of others through social media isn’t anything new, but the rawness and authenticity of short personal vlogs makes for compelling viewing.

Whether you watch, are an avid poster or just dabble now and again, it’s hard to deny that all human life is right there for all to see.

While there is a dark side to the video platform (doesn’t everything have a dark side?) most people are just happy to poke fun at themselves, give it a go and have a laugh. And as one of our Everyday Role Models say – it’s better than boredom at the very least.

TikTok fast facts

  • 614 million downloads in 2019
  • 13 million videos published per day
  • 150 million active accounts daily
  • 3rd favorite social network for people under 13 behind Snapchat and Instagram
  • 5 billion videos viewed each month

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