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04 March 2021 0 comments

“The Work, Home and Play series by Dr Rosie, is packed with information and resources that are relevant and easy-to-action and when it comes to looking after my mental health in different environments.”

Mental health is an extremely important issue, which you never really realise until you talk about it. You never realised that everyone struggles with it. You never notice the common symptoms unless told about them.

I found the video series by Dr Rosie extremely helpful. As a netball player and someone who works full time, after finishing college last year, it was great to hear what Dr Rosie had to say, and the advice she had to give, and how I can apply the resources and advice given to my life at work, and home, and on the netball court.

I watched the videos and used the resources by myself, after being given a login for the resources, and I was surprised at how engaged I was with it all and how fascinated I was with the science behind our brains and why we feel negative emotions in situations – but also the simplistic ways to calm our minds and find solutions to this.

As a full-time employee, I often find myself stressed with workloads or just negative feelings from not being able to finish things on time. In the series of videos, Dr Rosie perfectly explained ways that would help in situations like this and ways that I can apply basic mental exercises to help calm my mind when faced with situations like this. As I did them, I instantly found myself more focused and ready to work – which is definitely something I feel that everyone can benefit from, especially during a global pandemic!

At home, there are several situations that can have an impact on my mental health. With the video and resources provided by Dr Rosie, I have been able to track my habits and how best to recognise when I notice my mental health start to slip, and the actions I can take to help improve it.

When on the netball court, I don’t often find my mental health deteriorate, because sport is something that I do to improve my mental health, but after watching the Work, Home, Play, series from Dr Rosie, I realised that actually there are times when my mental health does get impacted. This could be because we don’t score, we lose a game, or simply because I feel like the team isn’t involving me as much as they should do on the courts. The resources provided by Dr Rosie were extremely useful and I’m sure I will be applying these exercises when I get back on the court, putting me in a better state mentally ready for the game.

The Work, Home and Play series is packed with information and resources that are relevant and easy-to-action and when it comes to looking after my mental health in different environments, I now know that I can refer back to the exercises that help any time.

Libby Williams, 18, Office Assistant, Plymouth


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