Dealing with stress

As a young girl, still in education and surrounded by a busy lifestyle sometimes it can all be a little bit too much so I’ve decided my top 5 tips to help your mind and body calm itself which evidentially will calm your lifestyle.

  1. Give yourself free time! Have slotted time for work, college work, and educational situations. But make sure you give yourself a few hours a day, in the evening perhaps of ‘me’ time! You can do anything you want but make sure it something you enjoy doing that doesn’t seem like a chore and will relax you, you’re mind and body.
  2. Go to the gym!! It’s proven that going the the gym not only can keep you fit and healthy, but it increases energy levels, which if you’re feeling stressed can definitely be beneficial. It also can help with clearing up skin, you’re brain health anxiety memory as well as sleep quality. That’s definitely a favourite stress reliever of mine due to the mass amount of benefits just from keeping healthy.
  3. Baths! Sounds odd but trust me on this… bathing can be relaxing as well all know with bubbles, a bath bomb and candles however it had more benefits that that. It actually improve your heart health , it also helps you breathe easier which if your stressed is a massive plus.
  4. Laughing! This is so good for stress, watching something that makes you have a giggle sends your body endorphins that make you happy!
  5. 5 finally, and probably my favourite. Spending time with loved ones. It’s proven that spending time with with people you love or make you happy it’s a natural stress reliever and your worry’s disappear!

I hope these tips have gave you an insight to have a happy, stress free lifestyle and I hope you try them out!

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