Celebrities are doing their bit and so can you


Louise Daniel

27 March 2020 0 comments

We keep hearing how these are unprecedented times. And they are.

It’s true that in times of crisis the human condition is laid bare. We are seeing the best and worst of our communities right now.

Our key workers are on the front line working tirelessly to ensure our safety, putting their lives on the line everyday to protect and keep us safe.

Their selflessness is the very best of us and we need to give thanks to them at every opportunity.

Right now, as we learn to understand our new reality, our ability to review, adapt and change binds us together. Regardless of culture, race, religion or gender – we are all in this together.

Everyone has something to give, share, and talk about which can help the people around us. This way we can strengthen our communities and ourselves to ensure we’re all facing in the same direction.

Here’s your challenge. Look through your list of social media friends and say a simple hello to someone you haven’t spoken to in months.

If you do one thing today, send a message of hope and support to someone

If you are stuck for something to do, here’s a run down of celebrities doing their bit to help keep people motivated.

10.00am – Maths with Carol Vorderman here

11.00am – English with David Walliams here

12.00pm – Cooking with Jamie Oliver here

1.00pm – Music with Myleene Klass  here

2.00pm – History with Dan Snow here (free for 30-days)

4.00pm – Home Economics with Theo Michaels here (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests here

Got any links to add – feel free to get in touch [email protected]

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