Accomplishments, Milestones and Failures ; Making the Best Out of Any Situation!


Joseph Meyer

12 June 2022 0 comments

In our lifetime we will experience success, failures, and milestones. These are the things that make up a good part of our life and we should recognize each of them as they are all .  Throughout my life I honestly did not recognize any of these, but I did focus on my failures mostly although I had successes and milestones like when I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and my Master of Business Administration. Even though I obtained these twenty years ago and fifteen-year years I really think much of them. They did take hard work to obtain but I never truly appreciated them and to the most part I think of them as tools of trade.

My Goals Realized

Today I continue to work towards my goals, recently earning my Project Management Certification which took months of study and a very challenging test but I passed. I have also had personal success and milestones in the completing and editing of my novel which I hope to publish one day, that would be a major milestone.

Each of us has these to reflect on not just the failures as many of us can count of many of failures in our life which include poor personal choices, career failures like being fired from a job and even choosing the wrong profession for us.

All these are meant to be life lessons we need to take with us to #Nevergiveup as long as we have life running through us we have a new day to beginning and have a restart. I know for some out there its not easy because maybe you have made some really poor personal choices maybe even ending up in prison or have allowed the wrong people in your life, but you can always have a restart and start fresh.

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My Gifts Realized 

What is sad about my life is that I have all these gifts like my marriage and my daughter who although I love and appreciate spent so much of my time focusing on the hardships and failures and not on the successes of my marriage and being a father because now that I look back I see that I worked hard to be a good provider to have a roof over our head , food on the table and clothes on our backs. I just never saw myself as anything special because to this head I feel I am just an average Joe. Not that there is anything wrong with being average, I just strive to be more now each day like an author, a better father and husband and even a better employee.

To help me realize Success, failures, and milestones I had to come full circle, what is weird is really didn’t start seeing myself differently until earlier this year when I experienced a bout of COVID, which for reason woke me up, unclogged the cobwebs from my brain and I see differently now. I wasn’t on deaths bed or anything just my perspective changed.

Now as its I see myself differently and I want to do so much more in life and focus on my career more such as working towards being a project manager, even considering starting my own consulting business soon.  Things are looking up for 2022 and the future which is great. I don’t know if any of you out there have ever felt this way where you finally see yourself in the mirror for how special you truly are, but you should.

Make your Focus on You!

Continue to work towards your goals and look within yourself to see your special gifts and know you are unique. For most my young adult life and adult life, I always saw my self in worst ways, unvaluable, unintelligent and the worst thought one could think. Most if not all of these dark thoughts came on the account of my depression and low self-esteem.

One way that I have found to gain more confidence and self-worth is by my blogging, Podcasts and Vlogs which allow me to provide advise those who also struggle to gain confidence and not know their true. In my opinion we live in a very repressive society doesn’t want you to see your value because of what we can potentially ask for especially in your work life.  When you come to a point that you realize your thinking is incorrect and correct it you kind of feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, that’s how I feel anyways.

Celebrate your accomplishments and milestones, learn from your failures but don’t beat yourself too harshly. I have found when you change your mindset you change you and even those failures won’t seem so bad but a learning lesson and not a reflection of you.

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Keep pushing forward and remember never give up, your goals and dreams are too important!.

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