A Stealth Job Search While Employed, How To Get It Done!


Joseph Meyer

19 January 2021 0 comments

Looking for a new job can be one the most nerve-racking experience one can experience, but how about adding in the fact that you are already employed. For many out there you will soon realize that your current employer may just be a pit stop to bigger and better opportunities. The challenge is how do you search for that new position while working. A very tough challenge indeed as many work during the day, have limited time off and a demanding life.

To search for a new job while employed is considered the smart thing to do instead of quitting and then searching. As someone who has done both look while working and leave a job and then search there are positives and negatives to each. From a perspective of just quitting your current job maybe due to feeling burnt out, an impossible boss or co-workers that may a good option for you. But if you can just hang on and search while employed you will see that this will allow you to have no gaps in employment and income.

Surely we all have different reasons for wanting to search for another position such money, career growth and even a change in scenery. Some of the primary reasons I choose to search for other employment elsewhere included more money, lack of professional growth and even boredom. Yes you read that right I was bored and uninspired I felt like I was wasting my time.

When searching for that next opportunity there are a few techniques one can take to be successful in your search called a Stealth Job Search.  Regardless of how you feel about your current job I say don’t disrespect your current employer even if things are really bad, we can all rise to a higher level at these times

  1. Don’t search on company time

When we feel its time to go, we may feel the need to just stop caring about current employer, which means we may start surfing the web for new opportunities while you should be working. I would say don’t it because of the obvious that the company can track and monitor which sites you are visiting which could give the employer a reason to get rid of you.

The responsibilities of your current job come first, so it’s important for you to dedicate time outside of work hours to search for that new position

  1. Keep it to yourself

One of the most important rules to searching while employed as much as you want to tell your co-worker, don’t do this. This information will have the tendency to get around which could put your current job in jeopardy. Your job search is a personal decision. Even if you trust your colleagues, you can’t control what they share with other’s.

  1. Play it safe online

Be careful when visiting job boards or using social media to conduct your search. Many times your current employer could be searching for employees like yourself. Imagine if your current employer found your resume which may cause your employer to be alarmed. Leave your banter and news about job searching off social media as employers in many cases have ways to see your online activity.  If you do choose to post on social media adjust your privacy settings so only your followers can see what you post.

  1. Schedule smartly

Hiring managers understand that when you are searching for work while employed, they will need to make some adjustments to communicate with you outside of business hours, on your lunch or when you have free time. Be considerate of your employer to arrange any interviews, phone calls on your own time.

  1. Know your talents

Know that you have talents to start with and you have value so when you go searching for those new opportunities put those on full display. An employer who you are looking to leave can make us feel worthless at times due to not feeling appreciated for our role in the company but know there are companies out there who will appreciate your talents.

  1. Continue to work hard

Feeling like its time to go can make us feel like just giving up on our current role, don’t do it. Continue to focus on your current job, work hard and be patient until that next opportunity comes along and believe me it will come. However, loyalty to your current employer shouldn’t prelude you from looking for other opportunities if you are not satisfied with your current role or company.

  1. Where to look for a job

There are tons of websites, job boards and search engines that provide you the tools you need to search for a job. Many of them are easy to use and allow you to refine your search based on specific criteria such as job title, location and salary.  I recommend going to LinkedIn and use your network for that next opportunity.

  1. How do you start looking for a job?

When looking for a job its important to have a plan, a strategy of what kind of job you are looking for, the type of salary you would like. In addition, get specific over the location you would like work in and how far you are willing to commute. Lastly keep a list of companies you want to work for and go apply, follow up and never give up until you reach your dream job and its out there.  Create a portfolio comprised of your resume, references and anything that can be used to display who you are in physical form ready to provide to employers interested.

  1. Be Patient

I can’t stress that enough, it will take time, but sometimes it may be quick where you find that position you are having been searching for.


Finding that next role can be stressful especially when you’re already working but be thankful you are still working in your search and still bringing in some income. There are many out there today who are not working search, desperate for an opportunity. Just continue to stick to the plan, create a strategy and follow the rules to a stealth job search.

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