8 Ways I’ve Grown/Changed As A Blogger


Natasha MacFarlane

04 June 2021 0 comments

It has been quite the year, hasn’t it? I wanted to take a moment and really dive in and reflect on how much I’ve grown and changed over the year as a blogger and content creator. This year has definitely served many hardships, and financial struggles, and I believe reflection is an important part of growth. I’m determined to grow and to do better. I’m committed to being the best me I can be. So, let’s go! 8 ways I’ve grown and changed as a blogger and content creator.

I’ve developed a tougher, and thicker skin.

Living during this pandemic, I’ve been on social media quite a bit more. In some ways, this is awesome, right? Social media often gives a sense of community, and maybe even family. I know that I have made a lot of awesome friends just through social media. But, there is a dark side to it. Sometimes you’re attacked, verbally of course, on social media. Or, sometimes there’s really nasty dms sent. Being on social media so much more often, has meant that I’ve had to develop a tougher, thicker, outer skin. I’m a person who takes things very personally, and I’ve had to really work on that. Because, you can’t take something personal from someone who doesn’t personally know you.

Throughout the last year, I’ve been working on creating a diverse feed on my social channels.

The last year has really shown me that I needed to learn, and do better. I work very hard to keep my accounts diverse and am committed to keep growing and keep learning so that I can continue this. I want to be aware of hashtag activism campaigns so I can get involved, support, and learn.

I’ve leaned into the body acceptance community.

This has been pivotal for me. Opening my eyes, and being more diverse on social media has brought me new accounts that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. The body acceptance community is one that I am so thankful for, along with grateful that it exists. With the help of this community, and the amazing creators in it, I’ve really changed how I view my body, and even what it “should” look like. I’ve learnt that there isn’t an “ideal” size, and whatever size I am where I am happy, and taking care of myself is the perfect size. The body acceptance community has really impacted my digital journey. Seeing different shapes of bodies, and different sizes, and the message being so enforced… “you are beautiful, exactly the way you are.”

I have become very selective over who I follow.

Let’s face it, that energy impacts us, right? If you’re following a whole bunch of people who maybe trigger some more sad, or intrusive thoughts, then you have to stop following. Not because they aren’t awesome accounts. I’m sure they are. But mute them, or unfollow, because it’s not good for your mental health. Be selective and protective of your space. Be aware of what you’re allowing to impact your energy.

Practice daily self-care.

I know you’re probably wondering what that has to do as a blogger/content creator but it does! By taking care of myself, and making intentional time to do that, it’s resulted in a clearer, more content mind. It’s helped my writing process huge. Things I do for self-care are, going for a walk, reading, sitting outside alone, etc. I try to do a few small things every single day so that my bucket never empties. I’m always working on filling it.

Walking is so under rated and definitely needed it’s own section. Walking has impacted my blogging journey so much.

I go walking every single day, and it helps my creativity SO much. Something about being outdoors and being connected to nature just makes ideas pop into my head so fast! Next time you’re in a creative rut, I highly suggest this!

I’ve learnt the importance of meaningful connections.

Just “liking” every photo on Instagram, or every tweet isn’t enough. I’ve been working hard to create meaningful connections. I want to be supportive of others. I often leave comments on posts and then slide into their dms to just thank them for being a part of this digital space and that I’m so excited to see more of their content. I’ve made a few internet friends doing this, and it’s so amazing to support others, and help them grow. It’s pretty remarkable what happens to you when you do this. (psst…you grow too!) But, a few meaningful connections is much more impactful then a whole bunch of unengaged followers.

I’ve been learning more about blogging, and testing boundaries, ensuring that I’m writing, and creating content that is meaningful.

There are a lot of things I would never write about because I felt like I just didn’t have the language quite right. Out of an abundance of caution for others, I never wanted to say the wrong thing by accident and end up hurting someone’s feelings. What I’ve learnt though, is that these tough topics need to be talked about and I needed to learn how. I have been learning about language, and how to word things, and reading other writing so I can learn from them. I think it’s important to push a little bit against the boundaries and wonder, question, and not be afraid to say “I don’t know how to talk about this, but I really want to.” There are a lot of things that are really tough to talk about, but sometimes you just have to.

This last year has been unbelievable. I never would have thought I’d be living, and writing through a pandemic. Are there some things that you’ve learned in the last year that has impacted your blogging journey?

Love Always, Enn

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