8 tips for mastering time management everyday.

2 Minutes Read, By Jack Parsons

I struggled with time management for so long. Everyone wants my time and I want to give it to everyone because that’s the type of person I am (How can I help?).

I like seeing people be successful and accomplish their dreams and goals. My time became unmanageable and I said I know what I’ll do I’ll hire a superstar assistant (taken 4 years and 2 hires to get my super assistant aka “Monika”) to help me however not everyone has the budget or resources to hire an assistant so here are my tips for mastering time management.

1. Declutter

Declutter your desk, your inbox, your task list, and your life.

2. Plan

Plan out your work day and stick to it (Check off accomplished task as you go.)

3. Prioritise

Rank your tasks in terms of priority and align them with your job demands, your goals and hobbies

4. Be Effective

It’s not a race. Don’t try to be the most efficient; try to be the most effective.

5. Focus

Focus on the vital few rather than the vital many.

6. Finish the job

Develop your finishing instinct when you get to a task, complete it no matter what.

7. Stop procrastinating

Most people tend to tackle easy task first and push out the difficult ones don’t fall into this trap!

8. Stay organised

Once you get organised, stay organised.


Perhaps these tips will help you in your everyday life. No need to take them on all at once, start slow, and once you see the change that a small effort makes, you will never stop.

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