13 Reasons Why I Love 13 Reasons Why

Gayleen Hodson

I’ve just finished watching the third instalment of 13 Reasons Why. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably best to look away now to avoid any spoilers. But here is why I loved the series.

I’ve just finished watching the third instalment of 13 Reasons Why. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably best to look away now to avoid any spoilers. But here is why I loved the series. 

  1. Clay Jensen. I have got a massive soft spot for Clay. The whole way through the season I was so worried that he had something to do with Bryce’s death. I was on tender hooks waiting to find out the culprit. Clay is just an awesome character, he is selfless, geeky, beautiful to look at and stands by his morals and values. Anyone would be lucky to have a friendship with someone like Clay. 
  2. Seeing redemption in Bryce. I thought it was great to see the change in Bryce through the series and how he was sorry for what he had done, was owning up to it and was seeking redemption from those that he had hurt. 
  3. The brotherly bond between Justin and Clay. I love the relationship between Clay and Justin. They are like chalk and cheese. You couldn’t find two people more different, but they work together as brothers. I love that Clay’s family has taken him in as their own. A lot of the scenes with Clay and Justin had me either smiling fondly, or laughing. 
  4. The recovery of Tyler. The most shocking element of the previous season was Tyler’s abuse scene. I was not prepared for that and it had me shocked and numbed to the core, but I think it was a really important scene to show and highlight the abuse in men. What I love about the third series is that we see Tyler rise against those that did it, reporting the abuse at the end I would hope would ignite that hope and braveness in others that have suffered but are too afraid to speak up. 
  5. The relationship between Jessica and Justin. Although I was torn between Jessica and Justin being together and Jessica and Alex, I do think this relationship works more. I love that by the end they unite on common terms and promise to support each other through life’s triumphs and tribulations. I loved at the end though, when Jessica told Alex that she would always love him. It was a nice bit of closure for their relationship.
  6. The power of friendship. The power of friendship is obvious throughout the series. Although it is hard to trust people at times, the scenes where Clay’s friends are being questioned, they stand by him. The group come together in the end to stand up for what’s right, and to protect each other. When you have great friends in your life, anything is possible. 
  7. Every series had me hooked. Every season had an exciting element which had me hooked. The first, I needed to hear what each tape had to say, I needed to find out why Hannah Baker killed herself. The second series, I was hoping that those responsible would be put to justice through the trials. The third season, we were anxiously writing to find out who killed Bryce Walker. Unlike other series, 13 Reasons Why didn’t use the same story line and dragged it out, they brought in different ones with plenty of twists, tangles and turns. 
  8. Women empowerment. Jessica gets the movement going for women empowerment. I love the scenes of the rally. We’re in an age where women aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and fight for what’s right.
  9. The series are the right length. By staying with the theme ‘13’, the number of episodes in a season is just right. It’s long enough to invest time into the characters and series, but not too long that it all gets dragged out. 
  10. A relatable programme for teenagers and young adults. The issues raised and the content in the programme is all relatable for young adults and teenagers. With any hope, it will raise concerns and give them that prompt to think about these issues and allow them the strength to stand up for their morals and values and to seek help if they need it. 
  11. The right mixture of serious and light heartedness. The episodes had me on the edge of my seat, gripped, angry, upset and tearful to laughing. There was a great mixture of emotion provoking content to take away from the darkness of the programme and it’s themes.  
  12. Clay finds love. After watching Clay being affected so deeply by the loss of Hannah, someone he cared for and loved deeply, it was refreshing to see him find love again. 
  13. Raising awareness for mental health. The programme aims to raise awareness for mental health issues. It encourages people to reach out and to talk about their feelings. It shows the effects of suicide on the loved ones around. Let’s hope it helps people to speak up, and not hide their feelings. 

Have you seen 13 Reasons Why, if so what did you think of it?

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