10 Ideas To Help Get You Motivated.


Gayleen Hodson

11 August 2019 0 comments
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University is such an overwhelming experience at times. From getting assignments done, taking exams and balancing the work and play load. It’s no wonder that at times you can feel unmotivated and just want to curl up in your dorm and binge watch a Netflix series. However, there are some tips that can help boost your motivation and get you ready to get out there, doing your assignments and then having a night out to celebrate afterwards. Here are a few great ways;

  1. Listen to some mood boosting playlists. Spotify is a great platform that you can search on for some great lists that will guarantee to lift your mood and get you in a can-do mood. I tend to find listening to music and writing quite difficult at the same time, so listen to it for a good few minutes before then sitting down and getting on with some work. 
  2. Take a walk in nature. I find that nature is quite a therapeutic place to be, it always fills me with inspiration. It’s a bonus if you live near the beach as it is known that oceans have a calming effect. Absorb all of the scenic views, breathe in the inspiration then believe in yourself.  After a weekend in nature, I am always boosted and ready to go on a Monday. 
  3. Get some exercise. Exercise is a great mood enhancing activity. Try to find an exercise that you enjoy, whether that’s running or yoga. Try to incorporate this into your daily routine to help release those all important endorphins and keep yourself motivated and on track. 
  4. Eat healthier. What you put into your body is important for your overall health. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. When you have a daunting assignment to do, eat a healthy breakfast, which is full of energy, and you will be ready and prepared to face what’s in front of you. 
  5. Writing a to-do list. Lists have become my go to organisational tactic over the years. By writing down what I need to be doing on paper, it helps to organise my tasks and creates a system for me. Knowing I can cross off the tasks on the list, it gives me momentum to get going and wade through what I need to. 
  6. Practise positive self talk. If you wouldn’t talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself, then you shouldn’t be talking to yourself in a harsh and negative way. Each time you go to talk badly of yourself or are too critical, stop yourself and instead address something positive about yourself that is either part of your personality, or something you have done lately. When you’re on your way to an event that makes you anxious, instead of thinking “I can’t do this” repeat a positive mantra, such as “I can do this. I am brave and strong and more than capable”. You may find it silly to begin with, but it will train your brain to be more positive and boost your self esteem. 
  7. Treat yourself. Nothing screams positive reinforcement than a reward in the right place. So, if you complete a goal, make sure to treat yourself afterwards. Maybe this is to an evening out in town, or a coffee out with a friend. Or maybe a spot of retail therapy is on the cards. Need to Live has a fantastic website with some great deals for you to snap up. 
  8. Give yourself deadlines to complete goals. If you have a deadline to work to, you will be more likely to get your tasks and jobs done quicker. When I was at university, I used to set a personal deadline for an assignment two days earlier than the assignment was due in. This way, if something did come up, I never felt panicked as I had a couple of extra days to complete it. 
  9. Listen to a positive podcast. There as so many different podcasts out there and there are many that are motivational and mood lifting. Have a look online and make sure to follow your favourites. Get into the routine of listening to one whilst you’re getting ready in the morning so that you’re ready to face the day in a more focused way. 
  10.  Get plenty of sleep. I was guilty of not getting enough sleep at university, it never did me any good. It’s difficult when you’re out drinking most nights, and for me I worked at a cinema so I had many a late nights, but try to schedule an early night once a week to catch up on the zzz’s. When your brain is well rested, you will be able to focus more on the task ahead. 

I hope that these tips have helped you with some ideas on how to get motivated. Remember, it is perfectly fine to have a day to rest and focus on yourself and your mental health, but when you’re ready to start tackling the tasks ahead, try some of the ideas above. 

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