Nine things to do before University.

Arrange your accommodation, most first year students opt to stay in halls, which are on campus and are an easy way to get to meet different people. Halls now offer various types of accommodation including a mixture of catered & self catering, quiet & social as well as mixed gendered […]

Debunking 5 First Year University Myths

If you just picked up your A level results last week and are eagerly anticipating your first year at university, below are five common first year university myths, debunked. It’s a huge jump from A levels I didn’t find the jump between A levels and university difficult. I study English […]

How To Conquer Fresher’s Nerves.

Gayleen Hodson

The start of university is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking time of your life. Even if you are excited to get out there, meet new people, study and become more independent, you will still be nervous. Fresher’s week is the pivotal moment of university. You are suddenly launched from […]

5 Tips for the College Grad


Tis the season for hugging, cheering, celebrating, high-fiving, and family photos that never seem to end. That’s right …it’s graduation season! As you don your cap and gown this spring, take a minute to embrace your loved ones, celebrate your accomplishments, and mindfully contemplate all that is to come. Some […]

University Is Hard Work

Alice Maher

My first year at university, to be brutally honest, was an utter shambles. It took me the whole year to find my feet and, for a while I felt so pathetic for feeling like that. I’d look onto my social media and see old school friends having the best time […]

Student Organisation Tips

Georgia Dalton

Starting university can be an overwhelming time, so below are some simple organisation tips, ranging from note taking to meal prepping, that I have found useful over my first year. Decide how you want to take notes from the start It is important from the offset of your degree that […]

Results Day

Results day is fast approaching. For some more than others. Let’s be honest. We are stressed or worried. Worried that we may not have achieved the grades that we want and stressed because we fear what we may have to go through to get the desired grade. That is probably […]

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