The importance of music!

By Hasan Jadayel -Verified by Big Youth Group. Advertising Student in University of Arts London. 21 Years old. Football and Music enthusiast, with aims to achieve a lot in life, who are we without ambition? Strong believer in the phrase “Knowledge is power”, and believe there’s knowledge in everything. Creativity […]

How much does home education cost?

Amy Carney

One of the things that are a big concern for anyone that wants to home educate their children is the cost.  People are often surprised when I say it can cost nothing, it all depends on how you wish to home educate. If you wish to continue following the national […]

Do’s and Don’ts – Exam style

It’s that time of the year again. It’s exam season and you are either overworked and stressed or completely unprepared. Here are DO’s and DON’Ts so that you can survive your exams. DO: Study: You cannot avoid this. You must study and prepare yourself effectively for your exams. Whether you […]

How to Make Friends in College

myntladmin 2

By USA Guest Blogger Kaitlyn Gloege About a year ago I went off to college as a freshman 2 hours away from home. I was nervous, to say the least. Making friends was so important to me. However, now I realize I did not have to be so nervous. Making […]

Success must be earned

A goal. An aspiration. A dream. We all want the same thing. We want to be successful in life. We want to get famous or we want to achieve a certain goal by a set date. It is normal and we all want it. Some more than others. When we […]

Uni, do I or don’t I?


It’s supposedly one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life- not just in terms of education and career, but lifestyle and fulfilment as well. So why can’t I decide? When it came to applying for Uni whilst I was doing A Levels, all my friends had powered […]

7 Top Exam Stress Tips from Students


Exam season can bring a lot of pressure. Sometimes a little pressure can be a good thing, but when that pressure turns to stress, no one’s winning. So we’ve scouted around for some of the most useful exam stress tips and strategies from students and graduates who’ve lived through university […]

How LinkedIn Started My Career

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By Megan Owens, NeedToLive Operations Director Just for a snippet of my background: before university, my life evolved around chess. I represented Wales playing in competitions all over the world. I even played in the chess equivalent of the Olympics called the Olympiad, and I was the youngest player ever […]

How to stay motivated.

Being a student in the 21st Century can be difficult. This is especially when it comes to becoming motivated and staying motivated to study or do that one piece of homework that is due in 2 days. You feel like prioritizing other things such a cleaning or binge watching a […]

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