Post Holiday Blues or 2020 Bliss?

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work on a full-time basis.  Does anyone else in part feel a little bummed but also a little excited to get back into a routine?   I’m feeling such mixed emotions about it all. On one hand, I’ve REALLY enjoyed my time off and having my days to myself. On the other hand, part of me misses the routine of having a regular schedule, even if it is filled with work activities. In the end… it comes down to this… It’s 2020 – let’s make the most of it!!  Let’s just run wildly into it, putting the past luxuries behind us and bolding stepping into the new opportunities of 2020.  We’ve sooo got this!

The Anxious Person’s Guide to Starting a New Job

Amy Jackson

October marks a whole year since I started my current job. That’s genuinely insane. Who knew a job that started as an admin role would make me realise I want to write for a living? Of course I’d still pick something that’s basically unattainable! Typical me. However, this time I […]

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