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Paul Good

Not sure what to do this weekend? Already binged watched everything on Netflix and donā€™t want to go out in the rain? Well, we have you covered, I have searched the internet to find some of the best YouTube channels to geek out to and follow.

Honest Trailers

Ever seen a trailer and thought, that film looks amazing and later found out the trailer was nothing like the film? Me too. Honest trailers give you, well the honest trailer for the movie. Short funny trailers that sum up movies perfectly, from the Avengers to some 90ā€™s classics. (Warning. May Contain Spoilers)

Good Mythical Mornings.

Great way to start the day, with Rhett and Link who explore new products, play games, and eat some unbelievable things. It is a great wholesome show that is fun, entertaining and will put you in a positive mood for the rest of the day.

Urban Gardening

A great show about gardening, with an average of 10 minutes running time, Urban Gardening gives you some great ideas to create and help to manage your urban garden. Unlike other gardening channels, you are not expected to have a wheelbarrow and a full range of power tools which makes everything easy and fun to do.


GameSprout offers 10 minutes of gaming clips, from gaming mistakes to gaming accomplishments. Highlighting the highs and lows of what players can do. Its fun, entertaining and can make you laugh. If you like gaming, this is a great channel to follow.

I hope you like some of these channels, what channels would you recommend? What channels do you follow? Let us know in the comments.

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