Winter Is Here…

Winter is not my season…. It’s not that terrible…. it’s just that there’s so much more I like about the other seasons!

I’m going to be completely honest here…. Winter is my least favorite season.  I don’t mean to be pessimistic and there is a lot about winter that I do like – like the holidays and winter apparel – there is a lot that I could do without.

My Car and Driving on Winter Roads

First, I must say thank goodness for car starters!  The best gift I have ever given myself is the ability to warm up my car while I am still toasty in my house.  The next best gift was buying a car with heated seats – ahh… it’s a luxury I don’t take lightly.  Next up – a heated steering wheel!

All that said… On our first cold, winter day, a light came on in my car indicating that my tires need air.  This is pretty typical.  The last thing I want to do on a freezing cold day is to put air in my tires.  Perhaps not the best strategy but I’ve found that if I wait long enough and it warms up a bit that the light will simply go off.  Yea!

The roads….   One rain/snowfall and the roads are a disaster.  Despite driving well below the speed limit and with extra space between the cars around me I’ve still found myself in way too many near accidents.   I’ve already slid through two stop signs this season and that was all in one day!

It’s So Cold

I live in Minnesota, one of the colder states in the United States.  I should be used to it, right?  Well, first, I am not from here originally.  While I’ve always lived in colder climates, Minnesota has taken the cake for the coldest climate that I’ve lived in.

And… I simply don’t like to be cold.  If given the choice I would much rather be too warm than too cold.   Once a chill sets in, I can never seem to get warm again!

The Outside Layers

While I do kind of enjoy new sweaters, I am already tired of the layers of outer wear that I need to put on to stay warm.  Jackets, scarves, mittens, thick, warm boots, etc…    It just seems like such a big to do to go anywhere when all this is involved!

Bah Humbug?

Before you say it too loudly about my winter rant… I will say that the snow on the trees can be simply gorgeous!  I LOVE hot chocolate and what better time to take a big sip of it then on a cold, winter day!   And hugs… there is nothing better than a big warm hug on a winter day!    Lastly, there’s fireplaces, blankets, and candles – all of which come out more in the winter and I LOVE all these things!   So, before I bah humbug this whole season, I will admit there are some lovely things about it!

What’s your Least Favorite Season?

Which season do you like the least?  What is it about that season that puts it at the bottom of your list?


28 thoughts on “Winter Is Here…

  1. Winter is also my least favorite season. I don’t like cold or ice, especially driving in it! Luckily, I moved from Michigan to Florida to avoid it.

  2. I hate winter as well. The lack of sunlight is the worst for me, and I’m always cold so these next few months are always a chore. Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way!

  3. You explained my thoughts on winter perfectly. I’m just happy since I live in Georgia, snow is a freak occurrence.

  4. I actually like the winter season, maybe because I come from an African country that is excessively hot. My least favourite season is summer.

    Lovely article.

  5. I do not have the least favourite because Im still new with snow weather. But I guess if I cant do outdoor activities then winter will be my least.

  6. Whilst I also love the cute things about winter like hot chocolate and fireplaces, I think it’s the only one that I’m happy to see the end of… Spring is coming 🙂

  7. I have started liking winters a lot more than I used to because summers in India are terrible.

  8. From my side of the world, Harmattan season is the coldest season; just about the same time as winter, so I know something about cold, and it ain’t too pretty, yet can be managed with the necessary measures.

  9. I agree that winter is the worst season. I live in the rainy PNW, so not only is it cold, you’re wet no matter what. Plus mold visits every room in the house. I probably just dislike the rain. 😂 I look forward to summer every year for a chance to see the sun again and go outside without getting soaked.

  10. Well, winter is not my favorite season, but we usually visit home. Winters are pleasant there, but my favorite season is spring. The season of love. That’s good you have a car that comes with heated seats. Keep yourself warm.

  11. I am the opposite. I am from Texas and always hated the summer. I hated having multiple days of 100 degree temps!

  12. I am not the biggest fan of winter unless I am home, which for now it’s the best! I love laying in, with a fuzzy blanket and hot drink! I didn’t know that heated seatings and wheels existed! Thanks for sharing x

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