Will we ever return to the ‘norm’ we once knew?

Eleanor Hall

Mixed opinions about this one, I must say. Surely, there must be changes, for I for one believe we cannot, and must not return to the exact way we once were. Sure, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be some-what comforting, but nobody I knew had time to slow things right down. Do you agree? Everything was just too fast, people were allowing themselves to be engulfed in the consumer culture we have appeared to adopt here in the UK. Of course, secularisation is a main culprit in the changes of our society, but furthermore, we seem to have lost ourselves…

I saw a TikTok this morning that inspired me to do write this post. You may have seen it too, a girl displaying fashion trends of different countries around the world. What really hit me was the American interpretation she had conjured up. The outfit was made up of PrettyLittleThing – style shorts and top, quite a cute fit if I do say so myself. But I was left confused, for the clothing was a replica of what British Girls today would wear. The Americanisation of culture is more evident than ever, surely we cannot go back to adopting this? Do we not deserve to be our own individual and separate to others? It’s almost as if we are a replica of American society, on a smaller scale. Fast paced, only orientated lives. So sad.

On the other hand, maybe we do not need to change, just got back to the way things were. Children stressed to high heavens about having to complete over 30 hours worth of exams, only to get judged on a couple of numbers/letters on a page. Or ‘key workers’ grafting their hardest, only to receive less pay than that of their companions, the CEO’s taking days off “because they feel like it”. I think you can gather my political stance from this post.. HAHA.


Whatever happens, we need to unite against this invisible enemy. I hope all of you are happy as can be, and staying healthy during lockdown.


Love Eleanor xx



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