Why Your Mental Health Suffers When In College

Why your mental health suffers when in college? I know! I know! How does it not?!

But is this not apart of the issue? We should not get ourselves to the point where we allow our mental health to suffers to do well in school. I was the main culprit of this, when I was in school.

I was not getting adequate sleep, not eating well, not having fun, experiencing new things or having a mental health day! What did I expect to happen?

All I thought- and still think- is why your mental health suffers when in college? We acknowledge as a problem and yet still allow it! How does that happen?

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Reason 1 Why Your Mental Health Suffers In College

You think its the norm. Although already established that it should not be the norm, memes and jokes are made often about poor mental health while in college. You begin to accept it as a part of the college experience to be stressed, overworked and exhausted. You combat this by not accepting it as apart of your experience and reframing it in conversations! When you speak with your family or peers begin to normalize that your mental health is more important than anything else.

Reason 2 Why Your Mental Health Suffers In College

You have little to no support. Unfortunately, the family may not always be supportive of your efforts to achieve higher education. At times, your friends who are not in school will not understand the sacrifices you have to make to achieve your goals. The easiest way to combat this is to explain to those who are willing to listen that there are things you have to do to see your dreams come true. Creating new connections and relationships with those at your college will allow you a space to improve your support system.

Reason 3 Why Your Mental Health Suffers In College

You take 0 breaks. If we compare college to the workforce: We receive 30 min-60 min breaks when working an 8 hour shift. If college is supposed to prepare you for the workforce, how are we not taking breaks while in school? You go to school and often many students work as well and yet you take 0 breaks! You combat this by planning a mental health day at least once a month and have a self-care activity ready! Make it a priority to take care of you!

Now that you know a few reasons why your mental health suffers in college, what are you going to do to improve it?

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  1. It’s so true about minimal breaks when at college or university! You often spend 8 hours doing work whilst at school and then come home only to do more work! It can really take a toll on mental health.

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