Why every young person should take up some type of volunteering in their local area?


By George Perfect – Verified by Big Youth Group.

Think of your community. Picture a community where everyone is working together to help each other. This is what volunteers do. The tireless people who work around the clock to ensure that the people in their community get the support and guidance when they need it the most. Young people and pensioners are the two groups in society who have the most time on their hands. This time that may be wasted on games consoles or watching television could be used to dramatically improve and help the community.

During my tenure as the Chair of Medway Youth Council many young people would often ask me ‘what will I get out of it?’, ‘do I get paid’, ‘why am I not getting paid?’. Although most volunteering that young people undertake is not paid, it has amazing offerings. From developing your CV, to making new friends, volunteering can massively improve your employability. Volunteering gives you a first-hand experience of the community in which you live in, whilst building up your experience, showing future employers the passion that you have for your community.

Whilst young people are volunteering they are also able to make a real difference. Young campaigners in the UK have made massive strides and drastically improved their community. In the community I lived in, young volunteers campaigned to see a new bus pass introduced ‘The Medway Youth Pass’. Young people had raised issues with their youth councillors about the transport system, unhappy with the way that their bus travel cost. Youth Councillors thought on their feet and pushed our local council to make a change and introduce the pass. Although this happened a few years ago, the impact is still massive on the local community. What is a better feeling that helping those around you?


If you want to volunteer, there are so many options. Wither it be volunteering with a local charity, youth group, youth council, there are so many different organisations that you can volunteer with. Volunteering can also reflect your passions. If you are a keen sportsman, why not get involved in a local football team. If you are a keen politician, get involved in the youth council in your area. If you enjoy working with the elderly, get involved in your local care home, see if they need any help. There are boundless opportunities for young people to undertake, get out in your community today!

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