What this felt like to me…

Megan Owens

I struggle to breathe,
My chest is tight,
Millions of thoughts I’m trying to fight.

My throat feels strangled,
I don’t know what to do,
How did this happen so out of the blue?

I must calm down,
I must stay in control,
I cannot let all my emotions start taking their toll.

I hide my tears in the shower,
Hope the pain and anger drain away,
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?

Distract my thoughts.
Distract my mind.
Somehow this distraction is exactly on time.

My heartbeat slows,
My head starts to clear,
Luckily, this time it wasn’t severe.

I’m exhausted, shaking,
Now I feel numb,
Wish I could just go cuddle my mum.

I don’t want you to worry,
I don’t want sympathy,
I’m just trying to explain,
What this felt like to me.



I had my first panic attack last weekend. I struggle to talk or write about how I feel, so I’ve been writing poetry. It’s so far been a helpful outlet so I’ll try to keep it up if I can. If you have any suggestion on how to deal with panic attacks please comment them below – we’re all here to support each other 🙂

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