What in the world is happening to the world?

Eleanor Hall

I just wrote a whole post to forget to save it… and I tell you now if that doesn’t summarise lockdown in one action fo you, I don’t know what will. I would try and remember what I wrote for this blog post, and rewrite it here – but my sleeping pattern is too messed up to even comprehend doing so.Ā 

Seriously though, what really is happening right now. I think I have come out of my ‘it all feels like a dream’ phase of quarantine, but I am not yet over the sinking feeling of not being able to go about my daily routine for a while. I enjoying able to have variety in my day, as I’m sure many others do, that’s why this lockdown is so challenging… although that is not the only issue.Ā 

Everyone is currently facing some sort of issue caused by this virus., whether that be directly or indirectly, and I mean, if you’re not – can you tell me your secret? I know people who now have no job, people who are being told to not leave their house for 3 months… 12 weeks.. what! One idea I do keep seeing posted a lot on social media is that of checking on friends and family at this time, and I completely agree with it. I can imagine a lot of people will be feeling a sense of loneliness right now, particularly those friends who have the Ā “I’M HERE” sort of personalities, the ones who thrive on interaction with others.


Also, the amount of fake news I’ve succumbed to over the past 2 weeks has been insane. However, I will admit the pigeon-battery theory did make me laugh lmao (please google it if I’m not making sense to you right now, I promise you won’t be sorry).Ā 


How ever you are spending your time in lockdown, I hope you are able to take care of yourself to the bets fo your ability. Perhaps try treat it as big holiday and take time to partake in activities that you enjoy, that is, within the government guidelines obviously. Speaking of which, I’ve also experienced people tearing other’s and their opinions down on social media. Would you be shouting at someone in person to not come near your home whilst that individual may be on their one walk of the day after doing a 12 hour shift as a doctor at the hospital? Hmm… if not, maybe you shouldn’t be saying it. Sorry, this is getting a little personal. But in retrospect, it’s important to try unite in times like these, rather than cause a divide larger than ever before. This virus is a killer yes, but surely we do not need to kill off relationships and friendships in this process..Ā 


Love Eleanor xx

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