What Excites Me Most About Autumn

The Great British Summer is officially over now. In the grand scheme of things, we had a fairly successful one in terms of weather. I hope you all managed to have a BBQ, get to the beach or attend a festival of some kind. I’m quite a fan of the changing seasons and although I’ve enjoyed the last season, I welcome it. So, what excites me the most about Autumn?

  1. The Autumnal outfits. Summer dresses make way for comfy jumpers. Flip flops are replaced with autumn boots. I love the colours of an Autumn wardrobe too; mustard yellows, browns and maroon reds. It all looks so cosy and beautiful. You can start to wear the odd scarf now too!
  2. Autumn TV! Autumn television brings some of my favourite shows back; The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and I’m A Celeb is just to name a few. A cosy night in never looked so good. Curl up with a hot chocolate and delve deep into the twists and turns that these shows have in store for us.
  3. Autumn Leaves. The trees teach us an important lesson this time of year; to let go. It’s a beautiful metaphor that I look to each year. The tress let go, like we should be each Autumn. But besides of the metaphor, I love seeing the crisp leaves scattered all around. I have fond memories of jumping into piles of leaves when I was a child. Now, I love to hear the scrunch of the leaves as I tread though them on my walks.
  4. Pumpkins. I may not like the taste of a pumpkin, but I love the decorative use. From pumpkin décor items around the home, to carving your very own for Halloween. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!
  5. Seasonal Costa drinks. Who doesn’t love a trip to Costa when their seasonal drinks menu is released? I have already tried their bonfire spiced hot chocolate and it is the perfect Autumn heart warming drink.
  6. The countdown to Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Autumn signals the start of this countdown. I can start my planning and shopping right about…. Now!
  7. Fresh starts. The change of a season always signals for me a fresh start. Autumn is the 3rd chapter in this year. It’s also the start of the academic year, and it feels like more of a positive, purposeful start to a year than New Year. Now is time to tick off those goals for the year before it’s over.
  8. Autumn Sun. I always find the Autumn Sun so beautiful beaming down. It’s the last of the warm sunshine and it still allows us to enjoy crisp days outside soaking up the sun.
  9. Autumn Berries. I always love going foraging for blackberries at this time of the year. Who else loves to turn their pickings into a crumble?
    10. Stew Season. Taste buds are welcoming the Autumn, with the warm concoction of autumn vegetables with mouth-watering gravies and sauces. Stew season is upon us!

Do you like the Autumn? Let me know what your favourite part is below

3 thoughts on “What Excites Me Most About Autumn

  1. I love fall so much! I love the leaves changing colors, and snuggling up with a hoodie and blanket ???? ????

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